Saturday, April 18, 2009

Week in Review

This week has proven to be chock-filled with running hither and yon, never enough time to complete a DAMN thing, and barely keeping up with work. Aw Hell, I did not keep up with work at all.

Here's a quick recap of my week. Monday, into Jackson for two meetings, dinner with the kid, back home at 10:00pm to work. Tuesday, into Jackson for two meetings (one with the accountant), back home at 5:00pm to work. Wednesday, into Jackson for still another THREE meetings (one ended in me writing a damn check for taxes), Navy swearing in with the boy, Jackson Tea Party, dinner with the boy, back home at 9:00pm to work. Thursday, work, then into Jackson for a meeting and then dinner with the boy, visit his sister in the hospital until 10:30pm, back home to work. Friday, work, then scoop the boy and off to McComb, dinner with the boy's uncle, who is keeping boy until Tuesday because boy has drill in McComb, home at 8:30pm to work. Today, work, then annual crawfish boil until about 3:00pm, then home to work.

I am not bitching, BUT...during that whole screwed up week, I just knew that there were people sitting on their couch at home, eating gummint cheese, watching Orpah on their big screen television, waiting on their government check to go buy alcohol and cigarettes with MY (and your) DAMN MONEY.

Sadly, I think that my philosophical brethren are fighting a losing battle against those that want their gummint cheese paid for by my philosophical brethren.

The problem with fighting back against those deadbeats that sit at home and rake in our money is that WE are working while they are protesting and lobbying Congress for STILL MORE GUMMINT CHEESE.

Wednesday was awesome. Those folks that did attend a Tea Party KNOW it, too. Those of us that work and support all of those that don't finally made a stand on a workday, in the middle of the week, on a church night, that happened to be Tax Day. And we showed up in droves. I have seen all kinds of estimates for exactly how many of us attended, but PJTV has the estimate set the highest that I have seen, at 618,068 nationwide. Here is Mississippi.

What was this thing about for me? It is about the fact that I am self-employed, trying to eek out a living for me and my family, while getting taxed to ever-loving death. Here's a startling news story about the percentage of folks that say their taxes are "about the right amount." That number of people oddly represents the EXACT NUMBER of people that DO NOT PAY TAXES. Isn't it funny? NOT. TO. ME.

Oddly enough, with President Obama's HUGE, HUGE, HUGE spending program, Illinois is going to receive one ninth of ALL federal money spent on infrastructure. Population of the United States is 306 million folks, Illinois has 12.4 million of the total US population. That is slightly higher than ONE TWENTY-FOURTH of the population. Membership DOES have its privileges, huh?

But, while Obama is on the flat-out, insane spending spree, strangely tax receipts have plummeted by fourteen percent, while spending has increased by thirty-three percent. Also, through the first quarter of 2009, the deficit is UP TWO HUNDRED SIX PERCENT! Yes, President George w. Bush and the Democrat Congress spent our money unwisely, but compared to Barry Obama and the Democrat Congress, Bush was a fiscal conservative HAWK. Obama has doubled the deficit of the entire HISTORY of our country in less than three full months. In case you are unsure, this is decidedly BAD. Obama is already the WORST. PRESIDENT. EVAH.™

Most intelligent folks knew that Barry Obama was a really, really stupid guy even before he began his run for the presidency, but there were not only intelligent folks voting. It seems that when you add the really dumb folks that actually have jobs, around seven million, to the sixty-two million DEADBEATS that voted for Obama, you do have a majority of the population. Sadly, he was elected. At least we now know that there are at least 69.4 MILLION really, really stupid people in this country. It helps us smart people to know how many stupid folks there are here, you know.

In this past week, while I was busy taking care of business, paying my taxes, and lending my son to the protection of 69.4 million stupid people, Barry was yucking it up with Hugo Chavez, the Communist dictator from Venezuela. That is INSULTING, folks. Chavez first gained popularity with stupid sheeple, the philosophical brethren of Barry Obama's ideology, in 1992, when he attempted a violent overthrow of a democratically elected government. Oddly enough, the revolution starting receiving support after Venezuela starting implementing policies EXACTLY LIKE THOSE PUSHED BY THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION. Contradiction? Leftist? Aw, Hell to the naw. Thought and facts? What are those to a leftist?

What can you say about Obama hanging with Chavez? At least he didn't bow to the murdering dictator of a Communist country. YET.

What is the good news from Hollywood this week? 'Che,' the movie loosely based on Barry Obama's HERO, has even underperformed 'Heaven's Gate,' the standard for a money losing project out of Hollywood. Still, 'Che' is getting the glowing reviews that 'Brokeback Mountain' received.

Folks, you just cannot make this stuff up.

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ChristinaJade said...

All that driving. I can't believe you haven't done the math on how much you paid in fuel taxes. I'm guessing somewhere in the wazillion dollar range.

As for the Chavez thing. All I can really say is that when I see two people with the same shit-eating grin on their face, (much like the O and Chavez had) I know that they are up to something. That, my friend, is what scares the crap out of me.

Didn't save me any crawdaddies, either, didya? Dangit.