Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Utopia for the Leftists

I have been giving this Utopia thing a lot of thought and when I concentrate on a problem, I can usually solve it. I think that I hit a homerun with this one, too.

Let's look at the laundry list of what liberals want for themselves.

1. Free healthcare
2. Free housing
3. Free food
4. Free clothes
5. Free education
6. Total equality
8. Homosexual sex all day, every day
9. No babies
10. Rules made by a central authority
11. Everyone makes the same amount of money
13. Abolition of fossil fuel consumption.
14. No hunting
15. Outlaw all firearms
17. Any and every pet project ever mentioned by liberals.

My solution is to give them exactly what they want. I present, the ULTIMATE LIBERAL UTOPIA!

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Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

Do you really think that creating policies that many other nations have is such a bad idea?

Winston Churchill said The United States invariably does the right thing, after having exhausted every other alternative.Maybe it's time to do the right thing for once?

ChristinaJade said...

TD, a true moment of genius. Kudos.

I do have to liberals like orange? Should we change the colors to a more pleasing metro-freaking-sexual pastel palette? Heaven forbid they not be just orgasmic over every tiny detail of their life with every waking second.

i mean, DANG. :)

Skunkfeathers said...

TD, one picture tells a thousand truths. The one truth this picture conceals -- which Leftists naturally want concealed -- is that the leadership of the Left will not be living in equality with their diminished minions. They will be living lives of luxury, the very lifestyles they decry from the mountaintop, telling their dumbed down education masses, that are BAD and are HOLDING THEM DOWN. When, in truth, it is the leadership of the Left that is HOLDING DOWN THEIR VERY CONSTITUENCY they strive TO CONTROL.

And that, OSO, is the goal of the Left, and it is the WRONG GOAL for this country.

Herb said...

I can't get people to read 1984.

Paul Mitchell said...

OSO, I was born in the United States, I do not desire to lower my standard of living to the standards of other countries. If I did want that, I would go to the places that do not have the opportunity that our country has. In case you were unaware, the United States of America is the greatest country in the history of the world.

Christina Jade, liberals like what everyone else has, they do not mind any color as long as they look just like everyone else. They only seek mediocrity. Orange allows you to see them better.

Skunkfeathers, you know what you are talking about, either you were the one in the orange jumpsuit or the one wielding the baton. Personally, I would rather be the one wielding the baton.

Herb, if you think getting someone to read 1984 is hard, try getting them to read Atlas Shrugged. It's over 1000 pages. And Winston Smith actually commented on this blog once. Even though he was oddly a leftist. Weird.

MUD said...

TD, I want them to understand enough to vote not read a 100 pages of a book. Other than the orange jumpsuit, that picture looked a lot like a basic training barracks in the 60's Army. Probably these gys had more freedoms. MUD

Rosie said...

Where on earth is there anything that says liberals want those things? Other than total equality, which should be a goal for every citizen of this country (hello Constitution), this entire list is exaggerated stereotypes. It's been my experience that conservatives don't like being stereotyped -- see all the rage about the DHS report -- so why do you counter and try to belittle liberals with the same?

Is it because it's too hard to actually address the issues, and easier to make fun of people who don't believe the same as you?

Kenny Cook said...

Amen to all that. Funny thing is (and I have preached in prison enough to know) first thing a lot of those people want to do is get right with God and have church and get back out - except the reprobates and those make themselves the leaders. Hmmm ....

Paul Mitchell said...

Jamie, I would suggest that you take a look at Obama's campaign platform, the only one that I ignored was legalizing marijuana. Because "everyone" knows that you cannot get weed in jail. HA!

Ken, I have designed many correctional facilities and the one thing that I know is that RID units have only a 3% recidivism rate. Boot camp works wonders. I have seen what the prison ministries can do, but it fails miserably against good parenting. We need to get back to the stigmas that we used to have for a basic moral code. How? I have no clue, Pandora's Box shall probably never be closed in my lifetime.

Rosie said...

Two Dogs, would love for you to show me the ways of Obama's campaign platform that include free housing, free clothes, free food, free health care, no babies, no hunting, no churches, etc.

Free education already exists, so to speak.

Ray said...

A Polite Counterpoint:

1. Health care decisions made by insurance companies.
2. Homeless people euthanized.
3. Food not inspected by the socialist FDA. Carcinogens rock!
4. Clothes with ironic slogans like "No Fat Chicks" on a 300 lbs. man and "God Don't Make No Trash!"
5. Privatized education to indoctrinate children with religion at an early age. Just like the tobacco companies, you gotta hook 'em while they're young.
6. The Superior White Race
8. Boring sex with someone they got tired of 20 years ago but married anyway because they got knocked up at 14.
9. More fetuses. Don't care so much about the babies, but they love them some fetuses.
10. Rules made by a central authority (church)
11. Their bosses making $400 for every $1 they make.
12. Walmart... lots and lots of Chinese goods from Walmart.
13. Abolition of any free market competition to fossil fuels.
14. Hunting of the homeless people that escape euthanasia... and Mexicans.
15. Everyone armed to the teeth with assault rifles, C4 and weapons grade anthrax. Especially children, because nothing stops a school shooting like crossfire!
16. Churches everywhere! Just white ones though, and no Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists or non-Christians either!
17. And every other pet project ever mentioned by neocons. Like putting Reagan on the one dollar bill. And turning the 50 stars on the flag into 50 fetuses. And invading countries for no real reason. And legislating bigotry. And shooting stuff.

My solution is to give them exactly what they want. I present, THE ULTIMATE CONSERVATIVE UTOPIA!

Paul Mitchell said...

Jamie, obviously the "healthcare" thing was his only issue that we heard about. Everyone covered was his entire point. It would NOT be free to me because I would be paying for many people other than my own family. (Free "healthcare.")

Also, on the other points, I guess that you were unaware of the cooperation of Obama and ACORN. ACORN and Obama have SUED banks to ,in essence, GIVE houses to people that couldn't afford them. Now, it is virtually guaranteed that shall happen. (Free houses.)

Redistribution of wealth from those that earn it, to those that do not, offers the welfare programs in this country a viaduct to move more money to those that do NOT work. (Free food and clothing.)

Obama is hideously PRO-ABORTION, even to the point of trying to pass legislation while a state rep that allowed doctors to KILL babies that survived an abortion attempt. (No babies.)

Education up to the high school level performs no function anymore. The education to which I refer is higher education. More grant money, more access to student loans, both of which raise costs and allow for even more leftist agitprop in our universities. Of course, a college graduate is at the same level as an eighth grade student these days in math, history, science, etc. (Free education.)

Obviously, you are NOT paying attention. I am, and I take politicians at their word. When they say they want to help people, they mean they want to help people that REFUSE to help themselves.

Rosie said...

Two Dogs,

No one is getting free health care.
No one is getting free houses.
Welfare has been around way before Obama.
That abortion bill has been debunked time and time again. Not to mention that abortion existed before Obama. (What did Bush do about it? Nothing.)
A student loan does not equal free education.

I am paying attention, and more importantly am willing to examine issues beyond talking points. Unlike you, apparently.

Razor said...

Two Dogs, you are so sadly misinformed. Take a step out of the echo chamber for just a moment.

No one is advocating FREE health care. There's no such thing as free anything, what people are advocating is universal health care, big difference. We currently pay more in health care costs than every nation that has universal health care. We (the taxpayers) are paying this because the insurance companies won't. That's a broken system.

The ACORN boogeyman still? Really. I'd love to see a source from a legitimate news outlet on this one.

And then another boogeyman, the welfare queen. I thought we were over this one 30 years ago when Reagan tried it? Is there abuse in the system? Sure, but I guarantee this country would be a lot uglier without programs like unemployment, food stamps, Medicare and Medicaid.

The "born alive" bill is a flat-out lie. There is absolutely no truth to the idea that someone could kill a baby if it survived an abortion. Complete smear, completely debunked, 100% untrue. Shame on you for perpetuating that myth.

A loan is not free, it's right there in the word "loan," meaning "to lend."

On the subject of paying attention, people in glass houses.

Paul Mitchell said...

Ray, thanks for the agitprop. Since all of your points except for the 400-1 salary ratio are asinine, I'll ignore them and pretend they were not written.

Yes, I want my cardiologist to make 400 times the amount my trash man makes. Even MORE.

Jamie, 45% of this country receives free "healthcare." I guess "no one" means 45% of the population or less. That figure comes from the WHO Report.

The bill that Obama voted for repeatedly was certainly REAL, he certainly voted for it, and it never passed. If by "debunked" you mean DID NOT PASS, then you are correct.

When the borrowers of student loans default at a rate exceeding 40% and their degree is not returned, that degree is CERTAINLY FREE. Sorry, that is what we call "logic," please try to understand it.

Razor, having only worked in gov't subsidized housing from 1988 to 1994, I only KNOW WHAT I WITNESSED WITH MY OWN EYES. The fraud is the norm. The MS Director of the WIC program lived in free housing at a Section 8 apartment complex and drive a Caddy. Embrace it, it is fact. Enjoy all the broken glass in your home.

ChristinaJade said...

Good point as usual, TD. This country was NOT founded by people who refused to work. Our founding fathers (and mommies, too) had to work harder than most people could even imagine today. they had to master skills to SURVIVE, raising and storing food, building houses, defending themselves and their children from things like BEARS and WOLVES in a foreign land, the list could go on and on.

Somewhere along the line the work ethic has faded. People no longer say, "hey, I would like some nice stuff so I think I shall go work hard so that I may earn it." Instead, there are too many people who say, "hey, that person HAS nice stuff, I think he/she should share it with everyone else who has done nothing but eat free pringle's (via food stamps) even though that guy worked his butt off for years for that stuff"

Thing is, I like my stuff. Someday I shall pass my stuff on to my daughter. I do NOT wish to pass it on to people who only work the MINIMUM REQUIRED AMOUNT to receive the EIC on kids they never wanted to begin with.

and I can't leave this one alone. Razor, what do you consider to be a "legitimate news outlet"...MSNBC? Do you not realize that the MSM is so liberal-biased there were actually studies done after the election that PROVED the media offered unfair coverage to the candidates?

Paul Mitchell said...

Uh, CJ, are you a troll hacker? The person that usually posts here under that handle doesn't use capital letters.

ChristinaJade said...

I wondered if you would notice. :) I am trying to change my habits a bit. so far, my pinky finger hurts. Ouchie.

Razor said...

"I'll ignore them and pretend they were not written."

Funny, I feel the same way about the initial blog that started this whole mess. Going against my better judgment, I tried to hold a mirror up to your face to show you how absurd you sound. Unsurprisingly, the nuance was lost on someone who thinks people who disagree with him "shouldn't be allowed to live."

The one thing I will take issue with is your complete misunderstanding of the Born Alive bill. It was real in the sense that it was a real bill. What isn't real is your interpretation of it. There doesn't need to be a state law requiring doctors to treat a baby that survives an abortion because there's already federal laws in place for it. The born alive bill in IL was designed to skirt around Roe v. Wade and we're talking about something that occurs in less than 0.5% of all abortions.

As for legitimate news outlets, I consider them to be things not like WorldNetDaily or FreeRepublic. I'll take Fox News before I even fathom anything from there.

Paul Mitchell said...

Razor, this is my blog, and YOU commented on it. I wrote the post, YOU commented. You, by definition, DID NOT ignore my post, YOU commented on it. Again, logic never touches a liberal.

As you shall also notice, I did not delete your crazy comment either. There simply must be a reason for that, huh? Try, I shall defend your right to make totally asinine points even if they are asinine. Most people see them for what they are. You know, like the idiotic AGW "debate."

Just so you are totally aware, abortion is WRONG. There is no need to outlaw abortion in a society that recognizes right and wrong. The left refuses to acknowledge those norms. I do not. That is why I, and others like me, must be destroyed by the left.

My "Assholes too stupid to live" label refers to people that are too stupid to provide for themselves. So far, my philosophical brethren have continued to feed and provide for those morons. If we discontinue that practice, it is not murder, it is refusing to continued to be tortured by those that depend on us for their lives. By that, I mean those folks do not recognize that only rational thought and production FEEDS them. We feed liberals because we know that at some point that shall recognize THOUGHT as the generator of their ability to exist.

If you had ever read anything on my blog, you could recognize that I am a small government person. I am a freedom loving Constitutionalist. If you are not, that is your prerogative, but I shall oppose you until my death. OR YOURS.

Razor said...

I said I went against my better judgment when deciding to comment on your blog rather than ignore it. Again, reading never touches a conservative.

Notice I'm not telling you to not post your insane, bitter rantings. You have every right to do so, even if you need to rely on things such as "libtards."

Abortion is UNFORTUNATE. You're free to have your opinion of it, as I have mine, but for someone in favor of small government, I don't think you want them to get into the business of controlling a woman's body. But honestly, this debate will go on forever if we want to turn it into something strictly about abortion. Neither one of us will ever budge on the issue, so it's futile. Even if you're wrong.

Paul Mitchell said...

Razor, I read your contradictory statement. I ignored your futile attempt at logic, because you did.

You prove the "Libtard" point perfectly, enjoy your group, you are certainly NOT ALONE. You are even in the majority by a broad margin. And always will be.

I never want to control anyone's body, I want them to, and your ideology tells you that no one can. It is the act of reducing humans to the level of animal behavior at which the left excels. I do not share that ideology.

By the way, to be called "wrong" by a contrarian (or just someone that cannot understand logic) is a good thing, so thanks for the compliment.

Rosie said...

Where are all these people who are sitting back, not working, and yet have nice stuff anyway? Show me these people waiting for you to do work so they can take your money and go buy Pringles.

I suppose life's circumstances mean nothing. Such as how many people are losing their jobs these days, how few companies are hiring, how food pantries can't even keep food on their shelves because too many people are in need, how expensive health insurance is when you don't have a job -- hell, even when you do, in some cases.

But I guess it goes against Christianity to try and lend and hand to those in need, because a couple of your tax dollars might have gone to someone going through a hard time.

Razor said...

Name calling, projection, deflection... the conservative trifecta.

Paul Mitchell said...

Jamie, you have been nice, wrong, but nice for a leftist. In case you have not had the opportunity to glimpse any of the news stories about any of the US "poor" people, nor observe any of the legislation passed, they ALL have electricity, cars, houses, food, education, medical care, ALL OF THOSE THINGS. By world standards in every country on the planet, our poor are middle class for the rest of the world. Hence, they drown trying to float a cardboard box getting here.

I stated earlier that I worked gov't subsidized housing. If those people were poor, how did they get televisions, cars, closets full of clothes, food.....?

Now, you add the contradictory element of ABSOLUTELY NO RELIGION IN GOVERNMENT and slap my face with my not wanting to help is UNCHRISTIAN? Please, even Razor can see that contradiction and he doesn't have two brain cells to rub together.

Understand that every time taxes are increased, the "poor" suffer. Charitable contributions plummet. Not only that, TAX receipts are DOWN 14% this quarter because of the anti-business policies of the Moron President.

Please think beyond your biases. Your ideology is wrong. To give my food to someone that I do not know at the expense of my children is NOT CHRISTIAN.

Razor, you are an idiot, but you already knew that. Happy?

Rosie said...

So I have to think beyond my biases, but you don't?

I try to play nice because the constant shouting at people from one side to the other gets us nowhere.

Since you're not willing to do the same, I'll stop commenting, and assume you're okay with the MILLIONS of people who are out of a job having their electricity turned off, no food, no clothes, and everything else that comes with having no money.

I hope that never, ever happens to you or anyone you know.

Razor said...

It's fine, I know name calling is all most of you guys have.

Wish I could say you're "nice... for a conservative" like you did for Jamie, but sadly you continue to give the right a bad name. I don't think you're representative as everyone who identifies as a conservative, but your ilk has hijacked the party into the party of - as you call it - mean ol' meanies.

When you stop becoming the party of hate, fear, smear and LOUD NOISES, I'll gladly use the second of my functioning brain cells and engage in a healthy, civil debate. Until then, I have to join Jamie and stop commenting because you really just make me sad.

Paul Mitchell said...

Jamie, I am diametrically opposed to those millions out of a job, that is why I actively oppose any policy coming from Democrats. The minimum wage increases jump start unemployment and ONLY give the MW earners a zero sum gain, all others are devastated by that increase. Don't you wonder why all of the sudden two years ago the economy went to Hell in a hand basket?

And I have been downsized before, I stayed unemployed for ONE WHOLE DAY.

Razor, your opinion is unimportant to even you. Your sadness is a perpetual state of mind for the typical left. Sorry, but squeaky wheels do not get grease here.

Paul Mitchell said...

TxMarko, that photograph that you reference is on this blog. I published so much stuff about Hurricane Katrina though I just do not have the WANT TO to find it. You know how that is.

And the scenario you describe is exactly why I am getting more and more distant from even engaging Leftists. They do not know, they do not want to know, and when they are FORCED to know, they deny it. It is like trying to get a dog to look at something in the distance.

Steve B said...

I pesonally think that if you have another child while on Welfare, you shouldn't get an increase in benefits. There should not be a financial incentive to having more children if you are already unemployed. Be I'm just a hater that way. I also think birth control should be free if you're on welfare.

I find it interesting that in one breath Libs such as above carry on about how corporations shouldn't be getting fat and greedy at the expense of the working man...and then turn around an condemn the dangerous and divisive "Tea Party" protests by people who think that corporations shouldn't be given a bunch of free money that the working man has to pay for.
Capitalist Corporate greed = bad. Stimulous corporate greed = good?

Sumun' 'splain thatun to me?

ChristinaJade said...

Dang, Steve, wish I could. It just seems like typical COMPLETELY ASININE thinking that has taken over our great country. When a business shows profit, that is a GOOD THING. It means that they are doing what they are supposed to do. Make money. My little business showed a profit last year, and that made me smile. (cost me a freakin fortune in taxes, so the smile didn't last long)

As for the welfare thing, I've already shared this story on the twittie, but here goes. Girl with about a gazillion kids, gets food stamps, medical cards, monthly check, and has every good-intention-having group in the area bringing her stuff, made a big damn deal about having to (omgosh) work for 9 weeks so that she could get her maximum EIC. What did she do the other 43 weeks of the year? Sell dope. She drives a pimped-out blazer, and yes, has a really big dang plasma tv.

Anywho...she got busted for $5000 worth of dope, and amazingly enough that was right after she bragged about getting her red-hot EIC check. Apparently a deal was made, and she is right back at home, still getting her benefits, and yelling at her kids from the porch. Birth control IS free for her, but obviously she is too freakin' ignorant to take a damn pill everyday. Who suffers the most here? The kids. Could she take advantage of a grant for higher education and BETTER HERSELF? Sure, she could, but then she would have to WORK.

THAT is the problem inherent in the system. It has become more profitable to NOT work then it is to take a job at the Minimart and set an example for your kids. And the liberals LOVE this scenario, and use this dependence on the Government, THEY have created, to their full advantage.

Skunkfeathers said... interesting read. Jamie did manage to stay respectful if totally absorbed in Chris Matthews propaganda power; Razor was dull and disposable with his inane leftist misinformation. But hey, we're all allowed to achieve as high or low, intellectually and otherwise, under our Constitution. Love the term "libtards". It fits.

Paul Mitchell said...

Dang, this comment thread was like the race ones back in the old days. Thanks folks.

joe schmedlap said...

No doubt that my opinion means darn lttle but; I spent a lot of time working with prisoners, around leftists and working with Katrina survivors/refugees in the aftermath. Based on those life experiences I had to say that the original post plus picture made me laugh so hard I spit Skoal over my keyboard. I really wish some folks could see the humor in poking fun at the left without having to go ballistic, I put up with 8 years of Bush being called chimpy by the same folks and didnt bat an eye.

Paul Mitchell said...

Joe, thanks for understanding. And I am STILL working with folks displaced by Katrina, of course it is spending all kinds of tax money building fountains in the swimming pools and beach volleyball courts, both at Section 8 housing. For those poor, poor folks.

Andy said...

Jamie, you are retarded! I know that you are a nice retard, but a retard nonetheless! If you think that no one is getting free health care, free housing, free rides to the hospital to get free health care, free food...then you obviously don't live in my neighborhood...Maybe you live in Dunwoody, and drive a Volvo...dunno!

And "student loans"...obviously you don't know how this stuff works. We have a young man living with us in our home who "makes money" by going to college. I (and you) pay for his education through our taxes, and he gets a "kicker" of $1000 a semester just for going to college.

And TD, the first blog post I ever did when I started up my world-famous-world-changing blog was about the Katrina "welfare queen."

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, you are blog pimping at my blog? Holy Hell, what is this damn world coming to?

Let's do it right, if we are going to blog pimp.

Andy said...

Okay TD. Learn me. I need learning to be a world-class blog pimp. I'm down for it...

Teach me Master!!! I am a blank slate...

Andy the Redneck said...

Okay TD. Learn me. I need learning to be a world-class blog pimp. I'm down for it...

Teach me Master!!! I am a blank slate...

Steve B said...

I pesonally think that if you have another child while on Welfare, you shouldn't get an increase in benefits. There should not be a financial incentive to having more children if you are already unemployed. Be I'm just a hater that way. I also think birth control should be free if you're on welfare.

I find it interesting that in one breath Libs such as above carry on about how corporations shouldn't be getting fat and greedy at the expense of the working man...and then turn around an condemn the dangerous and divisive "Tea Party" protests by people who think that corporations shouldn't be given a bunch of free money that the working man has to pay for.
Capitalist Corporate greed = bad. Stimulous corporate greed = good?

Sumun' 'splain thatun to me?