Monday, April 27, 2009

Drive-By Blogging - The NON-Story

Seriously, folks, has our country become such a nation of morons that the Miss USA Pageant's contestants answers are actually NEWS? I so desperately wanted to avoid posting on this, but it is obviously not possible to do that.

There were TWELVE stories about this stupid crap in my reader this morning. TWELVE of a total fifty-four.

Lemme just chime in, too. That "thousand monkeys" thing, you know?

The Miss USA Pageant is to find the supposedly prettiest moron in the country. They do not even have a talent part. It is, quite simply, a tits and ass thing. The only reason that they actually ask these girls a question is because most folks would get upset if the "pageant" just placed a stripper pole on the stage.

Do you want to know what the girl from Cali wants to do with her life? She wants to be a motivational speaker. How do you even arrive at that conclusion at the age of twenty-one? My kid is nineteen, which is basically twenty-one, for all practical purposes. He possesses the ability to motivate a rake through some pine straw. Or to motivate some boxes into the attic.

Get a damn grip.

Perez Hilton is a DAMN BLOGGER whose page is only remotely interesting because he might slip up and tell his readers about swallowing a meatsicle every once in a while. IF you find that sorta stuff interesting, and you MIGHT, if you have the desire to hear the answers to stupid questions from twenty-one year old GIRLS.

Yes, a gay dude is judging a beauty pageant. WITH WIMMEN!

This whole non-story is very disheartening.

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ChristinaJade said...

Perez Hilton. You know what they are what you eat.

Yeah, i went there. :)

Anonymous said...

The whole pageant thing is stupid and demeaning. I don't know why anyone would even want to be in one. The thought of parading around in a bikini while people judge you is disgusting. And I'm not saying that because I couldn't do it. I thought that when I had a great body.... long... looooong ago in a time far... faaar away. LOL!

Andy said...

Coffee Bean, you are missing the big picture. Have you looked at the wastes of time that try out for American Idol? They actually think they can sing...but their tracks could be used to torture muslims at GITMO.

Everybody wants attention. Full-body tattoos, four hundred piercings, nipple rings, _____ rings (I know you're a lady, so I won't say it), ugly old broads walking naked on the beach, etc.

A beauty pageant gives some legitimacy to that inner desire to be "noticed." They give a prize after all.

You are right! The pageant thing is retarded. I entered one once, and I'll tell you...those gals are SOME bitchy! ;)

ChristinaJade said...

Most pageant participants have been competing their whole lives. What starts out as a mom's hobby can quickly turn into a nightmare of trying to win mommy's approval. Once these girls reach the Miss America age, the only way they know how to feel good about themselves is to win at all costs.

I wish I could find a link to a book I read several years ago, written by a former Miss America or USA, that described this lifelong process. After winning her title, she had nothing left to do with her life. She bounced from one abusive relationship to another, until she finally came to terms with the cycle of winning and losing she had faced for as long as she could remember.

Miss California actually said what she believed, which it truly taboo in the pageant world. Thing age 21, what she believes will change with the wind.

But she is getting her attention and approval...