Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Drive-By Blogging - President Moron's Flyover

The story THIS week is how absolutely stupid Obama is for flying one of his Air Force One planes over Lower Manhattan. Remember, there are two different ways to view the Obamoron.

One: He is seriously FUCKING stupid.

Two: He is EVIL.

In this case, I do not believe he was stupid. I think that whoever is the brains in his operation to destroy the security of our country and to deliver our freedoms to all those that oppose us, simply told him that they were doing it for a photo-op.

AND BARRY IS A FUCKING MORON, so he believed it.

But, the ultimate reason they did the flyover is to remove the cautious FEAR that people have of Muslim terrorists.

Now, the NEXT time that a huge friggin' passenger airplane flies over Lower Manhattan, the people will think that it is just Barry being an idiot again and ignore it. And then the Muslims can fly THAT PLANE into another big building and kill a bunch of people.

Folks, there is absolutely NO WAY that Barry Obama is AS STUPID as he appears to normal people. He could NOT have made it this far. He has had to have the undying loyalty from an adoring media to get this far, but if he had done STUPID things DAILY, as he has since he was inaugurated, those people that hate this country would have had to find someone else to take his place. They wouldn't have been able to cover these types of things up forever.

Just know, this Moron President is the worst one that we have ever had. Jimmy Carter was better, because Carter was just plain DUMB and his cabinet simply FECKLESS. But, Barry is just a PUPPET being controlled by a far more sinister element that is bound and determined to kill United States citizens.

If you want to see the video of President Idiot's plane flying over Lower Manhattan and buzzing the Statue of Liberty, GO HERE.

And if you want to see graphical representation of EXACTLY how BAD the economy gets every single time Democrats are in charge, GO HERE.

Be forever vigilant, Democrats HATE you and the country that you love.

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ChristinaJade said...

So here's the big question.


Yeah, I know, photo op. But, WHY?

Federal officials knew that this stunt would cause panic, and ordered the NYPD, Secret Service, FBI and Mayor's office to keep the whole thing secret. I saw the video of the people running in sheer terror upon witnessing this little stunt. So WHY.

They didn't do this just to be taking pretty pictures.

Denise said...

I've been trying to get my head around this since I first heard about it. The only thing I can see it accomplished was to find out how people would react. If I were the conspiracy type, I would think it was a dry run for future events. But I try not to think of my country that way.