Thursday, April 09, 2009

Two Dogs Reads the News AGAIN

Tomorrow is garbage day so I just took my can to the street. Guess what was in my driveway? Yep, today's Clarion Ledger. This is bizarre because it was not there today. It must have been delivered around dark-thirty.


But, today there was an article in the paper about the ONE BABY-KILLING CLINIC in Mississippi. It seems they had a "bomb scare."

To translate "bomb scare" into normal "Non-Moronese," it means they found a hobo's clothing bundle.

Money shot:
She said she could not recall any other bomb scare in recent years.
And you know what? THEY STILL HAVEN'T HAD A BOMB SCARE! THEY FOUND SOME HOBO'S CLOTHES! Look at the damn photo, the only person that would think that was a bomb is someone that is dumb enough to make their living KILLING BABIES!

Also in the news in JACKTOWN, THREE GAS STATIONS ROBBED IN A SINGLE HOUR! It sounds like a POH-LEECE officer did it, too!

Detroit, look out, Jacktown is going to catch you in the SUCK DEPARTMENT!

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