Friday, April 10, 2009

Yes, Obama is WRONG on Everything (UPDATED!!!)

I saw an asinine article this morning that quoted Obama as saying that the economic recovery has been in full swing, yet SOME indicators are lagging behind. I seriously searched for ONE SINGLE indicator that said that a recovery was even in the works, but I cannot find one. AT ALL.

This graph shows the Dow for the last YEAR, since the major fellating Barrystream Media picked that indicator to trash Bush for the last two years of his presidency. Ignore the fact that the Democrats were running the show during those two years, we are of the mindset now that a President is the one that spends "GOVERNMENT" money.

You see, the typical IMPORTANT person that is living in this country wakes up in the morning (or evening) and GOES TO WORK. They are somewhat informed in what is going on in the world, but they do not search for even more stuff like I do, they simply do not have the time. They expect the national media to perform the job that is the media's responsibility from the media's rights granted by the First Amendment. Yet, those typical working folks do not get a single story that is not bent to protect the Collectivists that are running the government now.

(Make NO mistake, even if you simply serve tables in a restaurant, YOU are the MOST important person in the damn world in relationship to the BETTERMENT of the ENTIRE world. You are the very epitome of a success story.)

Know in the deepest pits of your soul, the Barrystream Media HAS A MISSION. They are from the government funded colleges of journalism and are Hell bent on remaking this country in the image of some Third World Country. Success and achievement are NOT in their agenda anywhere.

Look at it this way, any money that the government spends MUST come from somewhere. They do not print tee-shirts or bumper stickers, nor do they even sell coffee. That money was MADE by someone else in the private sector.

In other words, for government to spend ONE SINGLE PENNY, that money must be taken from the economy for them to even have it. The money that they spend is AT BEST a zero sum gain. This "AT BEST" cannot by definition ever happen, because that money is filtered through NUMEROUS layers of bureaucracy and there is a FEE for that filtering process.

Anyone can understand this simple concept. Anyone that chooses to see it for what it LITERALLY is. If the government takes money from businesses, those businesses do NOT have that money that was earned by them to spend on the things that are important to BUSINESS. The same thing is true for the individual that earns money. If government takes money from an individual, that individual does NOT have that money to spend as they see fit.

See the situation clearly by example. Government wanted to spend TWO years and FOUR million dollars to do what PRIVATE CITIZENS accomplished in EIGHT DAYS.

Private citizens took ONE PERCENT of the time that government required to accomplish what was sure to be less than adequate. Grasp that reality, because IT IS FACT.

Now, if you are of the mindset that you do not want to SACRIFICE your family for the betterment of the government or the people that do not contribute anything to the world, then you better STAND UP and GET INVOLVED. We, the folks that do not want alms from the LOOTERS, must take control of the FUTURE.


UPDATE: Uh, Albert Einstein, you do realize that YOU can decide to spend YOUR money on individual projects that YOU deem worthy. If you think that everyone should have someone else provide their medical insurance, CHOOSE a family to provide that insurance FOR. Take it upon YOURSELF to purchase that insurance for that family. As far as I am concerned, that family should provide their own.

Oh, and shut the fuck up.

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