Sunday, May 10, 2009

Barry is One of Us?

When I first heard someone say that Barry understood HER, she was screaming about not having to put gas in her car or pay her mortgage, anymore. I have honestly tried to find ANYTHING that is similar between Barry and me since hearing that MORON say that.

I have found NOTHING remotely parallel in our lives.

No one knows where or exactly when Barry was born. Barry grew up in a "Hate America" household that contained three generations of people that hated America. All of the family friends were actual members of the Communist Party. The men of the family never worked, the women all allegedly had jobs. Barry went to an elite private school (paid for by his working grandmother) after both of his parents had abandoned him. By the way, his mother only lived in the United States a few years of her entire life. He attended Occidental College on some kind of Communist Party grant and his college records are sealed. After two years, the Communist Party paid for him to transfer to Columbia and he completed his degree in international relations.

I have no clue what that even IS.

Supposedly, Barry took a really low paying job as a community organizer that paid for him to travel the entire world for months on end. Then he came back to the States and went to Harvard Law without them ever seeing his transcripts THAT ARE SEALED.

The only real jobs that he has ever had were clerking for a couple of summers for law firms, but the Harvard Law Review gig got him a book deal.

He actually kept a law license for five years, but did not practice. He lost his license in 2002. There has been much said about Barry teaching constitutional law, but that is untrue, he was a visiting lecturer.

I cannot find one single accomplishment in his entire life that would qualify him to serve as a paperboy, yet he is now President of the United States, a country that his entire family hates.

Fast forward to what he has done since in office.

Raised taxes on everyone in the country. Spent more money than any other president in history, JUST IN HIS FIRST ONE HUNDRED DAYS. Caused greater job losses than at any time OTHER than the great depression. Presided over more bank failures than any other president in history. Nominated the most corrupt cabinet in history, and that INCLUDES Bill Clinton. Has met with world leaders that are very vocal in their hatred of our country and free market capitalism. Seriously, I cannot add everything because I actually have a life.

Anyhoo, the whole point of this post was that Barry Obama is SO UNLIKE anyone that I have ever known that it is insulting to think that he has a marginal grasp of normal life. This was made even more obvious last night at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner when Barry joked about the former Vice President Dick Cheney. Barry said Cheney was writing his memoirs, "How to shoot friends and interrogate people." Utterly classless, but par for the course with this DOUCHEBAG PRESIDENT.

Also, there was a person named Wanda Sikes that told some "jokes" that made Obama laugh. You know, "jokes" about Rush Limbaugh DYING.

Can someone tell me who Wanda Sikes IS and why she would have a forum where she could hope that someone gets a disease and dies. Great job Democrats, y'all elected a tasteless, bitter, hateful, LITTLE BOY to be president.

One last thing, can someone please tell me in what alternate reality is a man that is almost FIFTY YEARS OLD referred to as "young and vibrant?" Seriously, where did that ridiculous bullshit originate? The man is almost fifty years old, yet the only thing that he has ever accomplished is get elected the head of a country that he hates. And the left WORSHIPS him.


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ChristinaJade said...

So I'm not the only one that feels like we are living a really BAD B movie?

Or maybe there's just some sort of vulcan mind trick at work here. All the media seems to think O is comparable to Spock now. Only comparison I see there? One word.


Joubert said...

TD, she sure looks "part Indian and Jewish."

MAS1916 said...

Let the Libs keep talking. While they talk and make terrible jokes, the economy is headed for disaster.

With release of the deficit figures this morning, it now appears that interest rates and inflation are headed sharply up. This will kill any jobs recovery. Although unfortunate for the country, conservatives will have a large batch of folks willing to listen to their message while standing in the unemployment line.

For a top ten list of other things conservatives should take heart in, you can hit:

Paul Mitchell said...

MAS1916, can you find any metric by which the administration is saying the economy is "recovering?" I have struggled mightily to find anything that would give me that idea, so far, NOTHING.

ChristinaJade said...

If by "recovering" you mean "being flushed down the toilet" - yeah, I can find LOTS of that.