Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Legion of Doom Issues Barry Obama Super Villian Costume

Since blog traffic has officially plummeted to less than sixty unique hits daily, output must resume. Strangely, I have picked up RSS readers without posting much and I assume that those folks are not coming to the blog itself. So, let's say traffic is right at 100 hits a day with those folks thrown in.

It's time to reopen the can of philosophical whoop-ass.

Folks, our federal government has just gotten exponentially more stupid in the last month. Daily I read articles of comments made by our elected and appointed officials that just boggle the mind. Such as Ben Bernanke saying that he expects the economy to be doing BETTER by the end of this year. He doesn't believe that, and you know it. There exists NO SANE PERSON that thinks the economy shall get better with the direction that we are heading currently.

Certainly NOTHING shall get marginally better with the move toward a government controlled economy and healthcare system. There cannot be one person on the planet that thinks our federal government could do anything to correct the problems that THEY have caused.

And the head of the federal government TODAY, Barry Obama, is a stuttering imbecile. Face it, our national press wants everyone to think that Barry is smart so we can get bigger government in control. Y'all know Barry is not smart, but you know that if you speak up, the left is going to shout you down. DO NOT LET THEM. You know that you are right, Barry IS A MORON.

Also, those employed by the federal government are BLATANTLY DISHONEST and CORRUPT. We are currently operating under a SYSTEM THAT CANNOT BE MAINTAINED. There is not one single person that does NOT know this in the very center of their being, yet still more folks keep thinking that somehow, someway, the federal government is going to reverse this trend. Folks, IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN.

Read this on the deficit and the Obamoron's new revised numbers. READ IT.

Not only is our federal government spending all kinds of money on buying votes from people that do not work, they have INCREASED hiring of MORE federal government employees. These are NOT low paying jobs, either. Government employees tell you that they do not make a lot of money, that they do get good benefits, though. SOMEONE PAYS FOR THOSE BENEFITS AND THEY ARE INCOME! Just wait until Congress passes legislation to tax private businesses insurance and profit sharing benefits as income. I shall bet you one hundred dollars to a day old donut that federal employees are exempted from that tax. Hide and watch.

Last week it was reported that jobless claims PLUNGED. Yeah, if by "plunged" you mean that they INCREASED by over five hundred THOUSAND. Everything that our media tells us is a FLAT-OUT LIE. Currently unemployment is as great as it was at the beginning of the Reagan presidency. You know, right after Jimmy Carter did exactly what Barry Obama is doing NOW.

They "saved" 150,000 jobs. But, look at how many they lost.

And speaking of that moron, Jimmy Carter, he has urged the NEW MORON PRESIDENT to follow the energy policies that Carter enacted when he was president. For those of you that do not remember, or were not even born yet, CARTER WAS TRES FAIL ON ENERGY. The Department of Energy was basically formed during the Carter Administration to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Now, total employment at the DOE is over eighteen thousand with an additional one hundred thousand contract employees. And foreign oil dependency has NEVER BEEN HIGHER. Want to know how to reform the Department of Energy? DON'T. SHUT IT DOWN.

But, since we have entered the new era of NO GOOD AMERICAN SPOKEN EVAH, nothing is going to change for the better. Yes, change is crashing down on our chests like a burning couch, but is that really GOOD?

Our country is firmly in the hands of the elitist, anti-math, anti-science, anti-business party that shall do anything to stay in power. The only way that they accomplish this is make sure that everyone is poor, hungry, tired, and submissive. But, while we are in that state, they shall jet off to an anti-science conference in hopes of stealing more power and more of our money.

In an effort to divide us even further, they shall stoop to lower and lower depths to promote the victimhood of entire races. (The top part of this post is about Wanda Sykes, skim over it, the juice is at the bottom.)

On the Wanda Sykes hatred, check in on what the leftists think about her.

And if you want to really see how crazy that some really stupid people get about their New Moron President, they will commit crimes, with their small children in tow, to get a friggin' photograph of him. Do you think that people like this should be allowed to VOTE? Shouldn't there be a damn test to pull a lever to elect the MOST POWERFUL LEADER ON THE EARTH?

What would a philosophical post be without some solutions to the problems that we face? It would simply be BITCHING.

The best part about the fact that our government is controlled TOTALLY by the Moron Party right now is that they cannot escape the blame for their utter failure. Here's some more stuff, too. We know that we are right, we KNOW it.

What do we do when we KNOW that we are right? We do not back down, we do not moderate, and we do not apologize at all for BEING RIGHT. Never allow someone to punish you for YOUR VIRTUES.

Keep abreast of the news and commentary from people that you trust, like One News Now. At that link, you can find my friend, Matt Friedeman's radio show, too. Give it a listen, he's a Kansas flatlander, Rock Chalk, that moved to Mississippi.

Sign up for notices on NORMAL PEOPLE protests of BIG GOVERNMENT. Get involved with the Tea Parties, too.

This is going to be a LONG four years if we do not do something, RIGHT THIS DAMN MINUTE.

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Denise said...

Shouldn't there be a damn test to pull a lever to elect the MOST POWERFUL LEADER ON THE EARTH? I'm afraid that by the time we get to vote again, that position will no longer be most powerful. God, I hope I'm wrong.

I don't think Bambi's gonna take the tea parties seriously until they have a monster party in D.C. Have you heard if there's one being planned or not? With short notice, the governors of Texas and South Carolina are doing what they call a Tea Party 2.0. Should be interesting to see how many attend.

ChristinaJade said...

Denise, check out what people are saying about DC on the 4th of July.

Honestly, the fact that so many people still think the teleprompter addicted bowing POTUS walks on water gives credence to all those "dumbing down" conspiracies that have been circulating for years. Actually, if I stop and think about it, it all falls into place. And scared the shit out of me, I might add.

Anonymous said...

Trying to figure out why sheep voted for Obama is like trying to figure out why toilet water spins one way rather than the other. Wait, there's science to that.
Obama voters are just weird science.