Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's Okay to HATE White People

I have a major problem with Democrats, OTHER than their devout worship at the altar of racism. They are friggin' stupid.

The reason that I say this is they cannot even say what they mean. From some spirit of perversion, they find the need to completely mask every underlying meaning to their words. NEWSPEAK, so to speak.

Point in case, RACISM. Our language and our definitions have deteriorated to the point that we call people that are BLACK, African American. What in the mortal Hell does that even mean? Does that mean someone that is FROM Africa? Of course not. Does that mean that their ancestors originated from Africa? Well, yes, but is that NOT the friggin' CRADLE OF CIVILIZATION?

What is the cut-off for the term?

What I mean is since every single person alive can be traced back to ancestors in Africa given a perfect scenario, what is the MATH required to perform the RACE BAITING?

Twenty generations? Thirty? Or does African American ONLY apply to black people? If the latter is the case, WHY NOT JUST CALL THEM BLACK PEOPLE?

This all stems from the skivvy-jizzing over the idiot that Barack Obama nominated for the Supreme Court. Sonia Sotomayor is being heralded as the first Hispanic (or Latina) nominated. What does that even mean?

It means from the Iberian Peninsula. IT IS NOT A RACE. In the modern MORONIC terminology of idiot Democrats, it means people that are from the Spanish colonies. HOLY SHIT, that means that everyone that is SPAWNED of ancestors from colonies that were ruled by Spain are also eligible to be of the VICTIM "race" of Hispanics!


If you use the current term, every single justice that we have EVER had is Hispanic, so that is useless.

If you use the CORRECT term of being from the Iberian Peninsula, she is NOT the first either. Justice Benjamin Cardozo's family was from Portugal, ON THE IBERIAN PENINSULA.

So, yet again, the Obamoron is lying to you and so are his cultists in the press.

Oh just forget the fact that her PERCEIVED "RACE" is inconsequential to her ability to SHIT all over our Constitution.

The absolutely WHITE nominee, Sotomayor, believes that POLICY is made at the appellate level. Kinda makes her WRONG. And WHITE.

AND ugly as a mud fence. Between her and Ginsburg (another WHITEY), there is NOT enough Viagra in the world to produce a stiffy.

It's okay to hate WHITE people, remember?

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Steve B said...

So, uh, yeah. Which country was it exactly from which sailed the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria?

From what country did we purchase large swaths of the American southwest?

There's a lot of "spanish" blood floating around out there.

I also remember reading about cases where white-skinned guys, one from South Africa, and one from Zimbabwe, tried to get minority preference because they were actual "African-Americans." They received abuse and death threats.

Only blacks can be from Africa, apparently.

Paul Mitchell said...

Steve, I even went so far to check the states of all the prior Supremes. We have had NUMEROUS justices from Georgia, one from Florida, and one from Texas. So, the case for Sotomayor is even WEAKER, if that is even possible.

ChristinaJade said...

I don't care what color, race, or whatever the woman is...she just is NOT Supreme Court material. She is over turned more than she is upheld, and rumor has it she's MEAN. (Kinda goes against the supposed liberal love fest, now doesn't it?)

And really, this whole race thing is getting out of hand. I think I shall paint myself pink and purple polka dots and start shouting racism from the rooftops when people look at me funny. While most people with any sense at all will just say, "what a stupid person, hope that is washable paint," I can guarantee there will be a bunch of liberals who will stand and point out the obvious - which is what they are doing with people of any color. Conservatives point at the content of a person's character, liberals at the color of their skin... and get all offended if no one else pays attention.

MLK would be upset about the way liberals are handling this and all other situations concerning race, don't you think?