Friday, May 29, 2009

Son, Believe Half of What you See

This past week has been crazy on the webbytubes, what with a devout fascist running our country. All kinds of crazy stuff spewing forth, folks.

The biggest story of the week, for me at least, was the Mancow waterboarding HOAX. That's right, it was all a damn hoax. Kathy Shaidle at Five Feet of Fury has the link. Does it shock ANYONE at all that Mancow would do something to boost his ratings? Including the attempt to become the darling of the leftist nutroots watching Keith Olbermann's show at MSNBC? You know, the show that Keith got AFTER being fired from ESPN? Yes, Keith Olbermann is so absolutely fucking stupid that he got fired from ESPN.

Speaking of what are assumed to be conservative folks that suck in my opinion, Bill O'Reilly went off on Hot Air about a COMMENT on their blog. To return the favor of blaming bloggers for COMMENTS, Patterico has been documenting the douchebag comments on O'Reilly's very own site. By the way, I have never thought that Bill O'Reilly was conservative. His past doesn't support the claim. But, again, as a journalist, you STILL have to make money and being a conservative journalist is where the money is. As a disclaimer, I do not read Hot Air.

Also, the Chrysler dealership closings are almost 100% political pay-off from the Obamoron Administration. More stuff continues to POUR out. Like not only are they closing Republican dealerships, but they are OPENING MORE Democrat ones. I am simply SHOCKED that a DEMOCRAT from CHICAGO is corrupt! What are the chances of that happening? Actually it is EIGHTY PERCENT! (In Illinois governorships, the conviction rate of Democrat governors is 100%, the Democrats HAVE A PERFECT RECORD!)

How about a BONUS Chicagoland Democrat, with ties to the New Moron President, getting busted? The good news just keeps coming about Barry Obama. At some point, Bill Clinton is going to look angelic by comparison.

Further evidence of exactly why Barry Obama is so absolutely irresponsible with money and spending comes from the fact THAT IS THE WAY HE IS IN HIS PERSONAL LIFE. I am STILL waiting for one piece of GOOD news about Barry. Still. Waiting.

What about Barry's great uncle that was the subject of all of Barry's bragging about liberating Buchenwald? Come to find out, that great uncle has NEVER spoken to Barry about it, EVAH. Wow! Barry is a politician!

And Barry is GAY, too? Strange, a dude married to a MANIMAL wants another DUDE?

The overwhelmingly CRIMINAL Executive Branch of government has also added another feather to their bonnet, one of UTTER RACISM. To readers of this blog, that comes as no surprise because we have actually taken the time to debunk the mysteries of the Dixiecrats and the Ku Klux Klan here. And we have studied the ONLY member of the Klan that is an elected Senator, too.

And now, the Party of the Klan has added another racist organization to their fold. Yes, a group of Panthers is called a KLAN. Funny how that language works out, huh?

Kevin Jackson explores why Colin Powell maintains his Republican moniker. I think that Powell is scared to go to any Democrat functions because Powell is BLACK and Democrats kinda HATE black folks.

Here's an original video produced by The Black Sphere on the future of the car industry.

On Memorial Day, a government employee was FORCED to remove a United States flag from her office. Something is seriously screwed up in this country.

In yet another installment of "why are the newspapers failing?" We received THIS.

As far as the HUGE interwebbybloggynets news is concerned, Google has released the information surrounding their latest awesomeness, Google Wave. Watch the video, it explains EVERYTHING.

I am always looking for web extensions and stuff to reduce my online footprint and consolidate all things into one package. iGoogle is really cool because you can create widgets for pretty much everything, but with Wave, all of those functions shall be Realtime. Awesome. And there is even going to be a Twittah function called Twave. Suh-weet!

By the way, HERE's Google Reader for your desktop.

Uh, WHY?

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ChristinaJade said...

Powell has turned himself into the proverbial lost puppy. He is obviously not a Republican...but scared to make the jump to the left.

As for Sotowhatever, we all know that the heartwarming story and WHAT she is has already taken MSM precedence over facts. Although we should be getting used to this crap by now, I'm not. And I never will.

By the way...thanks for the linky thing! :)

Denise said...

Don't know if you've seen it yet or not, but Patterico's membership at O'Reilly's site has been cancelled. I guess they didn't like what he was doing or something (tee hee).

Paul Mitchell said...

Denise, I did see that and I put it in the linkdump folder, too.

I have ALWAYS maintained that Bill O'Reilly is NOT conservative that his whole show was an act. Looks like I was somewhat right, huh?

Staci said...

BTW, you really gotta post the snake-catching video!

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