Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Sunday Cluebat

It never ceases to amaze me exactly how screwed up the "brains" of those on the left can get. Yet again this morning, the Party of the Morons has been out in full force pushing the GAY MARRIAGE ISSUE. Look, ambiguous people, you could do yourselves and everyone else a favor, if you would simply adopt the LIMITED GOVERNMENT model of marriage.

NO GOVERNMENT SANCTION OF ANY MARRIAGE AT ALL. There exists only one reason for government to recognize anything, and that is to TAX IT INTO OBLIVION. Why is it that ALL gay protesters seem to be blithering morons? Well, it is because THEY FRIGGIN' ARE. Just think, when FAR-FAR-LEFT Moronifornia got the opportunity to VOTE on Proposition Eight, y'all LOST in a landslide. You really should take a glance at the facts, Tom Cruise.

On to the DUMP.

The big story overnight is that President Moonbat took Man Arms up to Manhattan to GRAZE and see a play. I appreciate the need to bounce up-out the White House after a grueling week of FAIL, but to chunk the QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLAR BILL on the already over-taxed Republicans, is kinda silly. You know, since you are already in DC which has all the amenities of Nuevo York (<--Hat-Tip: Racist "Hispanic" moron judge). But, that IS just me talking, you know, someone that has always had to WORK for what I have. But, you probably would never understand that concept. Your date night cost MORE than the annual raise Man Arms got at the University of Chicago once you got elected Senator.

Dear Barry, speaking of that racist judge that you nominated to INFEST our Supreme Court with her WIZE Puerto Rican vagina, it is very funny how your Barrystream Media is all up in arms about her not wanting to kill enough babies for them. You know, kinda like they did with President Rapist's pick of Woody Allen Ginsburg. There is a photo on that link of President Rapist trying to figure out HOW MANY BAGS he would have to put on Woody's head to get the old meatsicle ready to PLOW. Final answer? SIX.

Another meme from the Party of the Morons is that Judge Racist has a better track record of getting overturned than Justice Alito. You know, since having SEVEN cases be sent to the Supreme Court is much BETTER than just TWO. Alito had both of his rulings overturned by the Supremes, Moron Racist is going to only have FIVE OF SEVEN overturned. Yes, in Idiotland, that is BETTER. Here's what the bloodsucking lawyers say about the two. Hmmm.

Robert Stacy McCain has a judicial roundup concerning the new Democrat member of the Klan. It's a good one, too. Funny how the Democrat steering committee, the Ku Klux Klan, will just about take anyone now, huh? But, it appears that one of the Board Members, Ted Rall, is unhappy about the easing of standards in the hater department of the Klan.

The really fun thing about having a devout anti-intellectual in the White House is that you can pretty much KNOW that every decision he makes is a decidedly BAD one. Let's rattle them off quickly.

That lobbyist ban that was such a big part of the Obamoron's campaign that was quickly jettisoned? How about allowing lobbyists from companies that received bailout money to MAKE FRIGGIN' ECONOMIC POLICY? Absolutely NOTHING can go wrong with that, yo.

What about the blaming of those PREDATORY lenders and sub-primes being the cause of the economic melt-down? Back to business as usual for the Party of the Morons. Yee-HAW! They are soooooo smart.

Still MORE corruption is recognized from the Chrysler bankruptcy. Obama wouldn't pay off Hillary's campaign debt, but those dealers will. Democrat back washing, it's what's for dinner.

Still another mash-up on "healthcare." From the "King is dead, long live the King" file. Insurance companies are inherently bad, so the government should be an insurance company. It just gets nuttier and nuttier with morons running the show.

Also, later on in the week, President Douchebag decided that white people do not have any civil rights anymore. His justice department dropped the investigation into the Black Panthers intimidation suit. But, of course, those returning military folks are STILL terrorists, according to the Obamorons.

If you shall notice, that above link is from the Canada Free Press, and the Obamoron Administration has decided to attempt to punk out all of the media that is not in their pocket. Kinda like the Robert "Bee Gee" Gibbs thingy with the UK press. Either you are FOR the Obama's method of Communism or you are against it.

Here's a glimpse into the future with a president that HATES this country. The cancer is spreading.

Gribbit pits Dr. Thomas Sowell against Barry Obama. This comparison is so utterly unfair as to rip a hole in the space-time continuum. If you want a fair comparison of Barry Obama and something, might I suggest a FERN or a week old dog turd?

Here's Barry in one of his smarter moments, just to be fair to him. Hell, he IS the President. Fair and balanced is definitely the way to go through life, son. Chris Muir's take on the carnival in the White House.

Finally, here is yet another good glimpse into the past and a comparison of where our country is headed with Barry driving it around with the turn indicator on. Left, left, left, left. You get the picture.

I linked, on Friday, Patterico's documentation of Bill O'Reilly's comments section. Oddly, Patterico got banned from the O'Reilly site even though he had PAID for the service. Check it.

To end this shitfest on a good note, here's some Sarah Palin looking and talking all MILF-y and stuff.

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