Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Murder of an Abortionist

If any of y'all are watching the news, I am assuming that you are getting minutely updates on the murder of Kansas abortionist, Dr. George Tiller.

On Twittah, the leftist idiots are doing their usual trolling on Top Conservatives on Twittah (#tcot), but with a somewhat different slant. They are ghoulishly GLEEFUL that Dr. Tiller was MURDERED. It is sickening that they are exhibiting a SUICIDAL bent. They are literally joyous over the fact that this man is dead.

Never mind the FACT that I vehemently oppose every single thing that Dr. Tiller did, never mind the fact that an abortionist was in church when he was murdered, never mind the fact that obviously his murderer opposed Dr. Tiller's actions enough to kill him, THE MAN WAS MURDERED.

The left has even compiled a list of Tweets celebrating Dr. Tiller's death and are placing the blame at the feet of TCOT. Here's the list of the Tweets that they accumulated so far. Of all the Tweeters that are linked on that page, ONLY ONE has EVER added the #tcot hashtag. ONE. The rest have NEVER used that hashtag.

I read them ALL. They are LYING.

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