Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Joe Biden is Nostradamus!!!! Kinda.

Do you remember when the Number Two Moron said that the Obamoron would be tested within six months of taking office with an international incident?

What about North Korea ditching the armistice that ended the Korean War?

What will Barry's response be? Will he arrest Bill Clinton for selling nuclear technology to the Norks? Will he get his head unstuck from the bucket long enough to fall down the grand stair at the White House? Tune in to watch, "As the Moron Implodes!"

Michelle Obama decides she just doesn't like the University of Chicago even though they gave her a raise that doubled her salary to over 300k when Barry was elected Senator.

Barry's good buddy, Roland Burris, called Barry's good buddy, Illinois Governor Roddeninjailovich, less than two weeks after Barry won the election to offer a check for the Senate seat. TRANSPARENCY! ACCOUNTABILITY! Oh, and utter corruption, can't forget that.

Since Dick Cheney has completely DESTROYED the Obamoron in his appearances in the last two weeks, the Barrystream Media must respond in the only way that liberals know how. Cheney is just a dick. When you expose the Obamoron Administration for their corruption and lying, YOU ARE BAD.

Kevin Jackson on Obama's "capitalism."

Barbara Howard nails it, Obama "thinks he knows more than everybody, including all 43 presidents before him." That has got to leave a mark, if Barry EVEN understands what it means.

A never ending stream of gaffes from the NEW WORLD CHAMPION, Barry Obama, and his feckless minions!

Ten stores that are totally run by Obamabots. FAIL.

Watch this old timey Capitalist cartoon, it explains everything in simplistic terms even a moonbat can understand.

Last week's Crowder:

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