Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Science - A Scientific Study

There exists a Hierarchy of Scientists, shown in descending order:

1. Mathematicians

2. Physicists

3. Chemists

4. Biologists

5. Physicians


11. Psychologists


18. Sociologists

19. Circus Clowns


44. Ghost Hunters


102. GWAR


216. Climatologists


347. Evolutionary Biologists

I hope this clears things up a tad.

By the way, I wonder how Barry Obama figured out which Chrysler dealerships to close? Campaign contributions, maybe?

Those two apparently diametrically opposed topics are directly connected. Can you posit a theory why, and then back up your theory?

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Caltechgirl said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for putting biologists above physicians. But GWAR is totally above circus clowns!

Paul Mitchell said...

Well, since you ARE a scientist, do you think that GWAR could be ABOVE the sociologist? Or do sociologist and circus clown need to move further down the list?

And everyone knows that medical doctoring is simply applied biology.

Erik Grow said...

Two Dogs, you totally tantalized me with the revelation that animal DNA is mostly equidistant from each other, and then you didn't follow up with a citation! If this is true, then damn, you WILL win the Nobel Prize, because you debunked one of the central proofs of evolution!

Ditto on natural selection being "iffy". I mean, if for some reason it's not true that the organisms with the better genes for their environment live to reproduce more often, whoa, that's a bombshell! I'm waiting! *;-)

Erik Grow said...

OK, what does a potato-human have to do with anything. You sound like Kirk Cameron and his "croco-duck"! What part of evolution would predict a potato-human? Why would recombinant DNA mean that the DNA is very similar to each other, when it is not?

Paul Mitchell said...

Erik, still yet again, I suggest your Google "Recombinant DNA." If you actually Google "DNA," you shall see that it is LITERALLY Deoxyribonucleic acid. You shall also find that the ONLY differences in DNA from plants to animals is the arrangement of the nucleotides. The relationship between plants and animals is virtually ASSURED.

This information is very easily found on millions of websites. Pick one.

Again, the easiest answer to a question is usually the most logical. If you believe that all living things "evolved" from a single celled organism, call that organism GOD.

Skunkfeathers said...

And how does AlGore's global-warming-created "ManBearPig" factor into this DNA discussion?

Erik Grow said...

I know what DNA is. Heh. Of course plants and animals are related. They are all related in some way. The differences are measured by the ORDER of the nucleotides, not the fact that "they all have nucleotides". Do you really not understand how scientists are able to determine the genetic similarity of species?

Paul Mitchell said...

Erik, I guess that "order" can be a synonym for "arrangement," which is EXACTLY what I commented. Just two comments before yours. It was MY POINT.

Again, and again, I point out to you that the belief that man "evolved" from a single celled organism DEFIES all sense of the understanding of mathematics, which INCLUDES the concept of TIME. Remember my comment on your Facebook post?

"The very basis for the Natural Selection Theory is that it took HUNDREDS of millions of years, of which we had EXACTLY 35."

When your theory DEFIES mathematics, it ceases to be debatable.

Next theory, PUH-LEEEEEEEZE!

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