Thursday, May 21, 2009

Liberty and Tyranny - I Can Read!

There has been much, much publicity surrounding this book, so I made a special trip to Borders to grab it with my free six million dollar gift card. Seems that I did not need that much. Cover price is twenty bucks with a thirty percent discount.

You might say, "That is not much money for a hardcover book!" It is not a very big book, it took me four hours to read it. It shall take quite a bit longer for me to research the footnotes, but I am going to start that tonight.

In case you are unaware, Mark Levin is an attorney. The true story is in the footnotes in ANYTHING that an attorney writes. Most people refer to this as "the fine print." Get with the program, the truth is in the links.

Anyhoo, the book is a very simple read. Nothing in the book is earth-shattering, all concepts are stuff that an intelligent fourth grade student KNEW when I was growing up. In other words, to the Statist, as Levin calls them, everything contained within is SHEER HERESY.

This book is a very good book to give to your leftist friends. Cheap, simple to read, and everything is completely apparent to even the most dense reader. There is no possible way to debate the things contained within, they are simple facts that are easily understood.

But, to call this book something that is going to transform the world is laughable. The only idea I have of even why this book was written was to inform those people on the left, known to us as "morons," on the way things really are. They will not read it unless you give it to them. Give it to them, maybe you can transform ONE person with the book.

If you want to order it, it is on Amazon for less than fourteen bucks.

Here's Mark Levin's Wiki. He seems like a normal enough guy.

All in all, this book is not adult reading, it is a school book for really young people. Or for "Statists," all of whom have the intellectual capacity of fourth graders.

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