Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Booming Linkdump Wednesday

In the last two days the news coming out is akin to a fire hose pointed at a teacup. It is literally too much to follow, but I am doing my best. The most important news is certainly related to the economy since the Obamoron White House has decided to start the mantra that "the economy is definitely showing signs of recovery."

This is a blatant FALSEHOOD. In other words, Obama is LYING. Big shocker there, huh?

The first metric, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is again DOWN over the past two weeks. Yes, we had a BOUNCE yesterday, but is decidedly DOWN. That cannot be what the Obamoron administration is studying.

At the very same time that we are watching the DOW march downward, the Barrystream Media continues to loudly proclaim that the economy is heading back, screeching every time the market gains, but never placing that in perspective of the WHOLE picture. ABC Market Watch is the MORON standard in this endeavor, too. Listen to it at lunch, it is hilarious.

The Fed also was predicting the unemployment rate to end in 2009 between 8.5% and 8.8%, HELL we reached 8.9% in April. This is also ignoring that yet again in July, on the 24th to be exact, the minimum wage shall again be raised, further increasing unemployment. AS. IT. ALWAYS. DOES.

We will be very lucky to end the year with unemployment BELOW ten percent. Remember, this is actually a FAKE number, unemployment is REALLY about five percentage points higher. So, right there you have TWO really bad indicators about the economy.

The laughable thing yesterday from ABC Market Watch was that the market was responding to better than expected construction news yesterday. What exactly was that GOOD NEWS? That building permit applications were DOWN twelve percent in April from just one month prior. Here's the Census PDF. I guess in that same vein, those applications were DOWN a really HEALTHY 50% from the same time last year.

In other words, the GOOD NEWS was actually horrifically BAD NEWS. Are you a contrarian investor? Tune in to ABC Market Watch, they are exactly what you NEED.

Yesterday there was a special election in Dumbassafornia on a bunch of ballot initiatives. They were ALL defeated except for one. (You might get a pop up.) The only one that passed refuses pay raises to state elected officials in deficit years. Well, that SOUNDS like a good idea. Malkin has more on the ballot initiatives. But, doesn't the Republican Party need to become more like the Democrat Party? You know since Democrats are actually HONEST about wanting to steal all of your money.

The point of bringing that up was the fact that all of the states that have had the Obamoron model of government in place for years are experiencing RECORD deficits and as a result, the rich are fleeing those states to avoid higher taxes. I guess those evil rich folks kinda want to keep THEIR OWN DAMN MONEY. They are just evil!!!

Guess what is going to happen to when the Obamoron raises taxes on profit making businesses? THEY ARE GOING TO FLEE THIS COUNTRY. The United States has one of the HIGHEST corporate tax rates in the industrialized world. Why would any company continue to do business here when they could make MORE MONEY somewhere else?


You know who is NOT experiencing the problems with the economy right now? People who do not work. So, in order to NOT feel the effects of a bad economy, the AP tells us that we should just sit on our asses, be poor, and we shall never know the difference. GREAT IDEA! Why didn't I think of that?

Also in the news, Douchey McMoron has stated that he wants to increase the gas mileage required for car manufacturers to achieve with new vehicles. Since cars built in the US are already much more expensive than their foreign counterparts because of labor unions, and the companies are bankrupt and having to get bailed out by the government, why NOT go ahead and increase the MAGIC required from those manufacturers?

Barry is going to attempt to REGULATE those DINGDANG railroads, dagnabbit. Of course, government regulations of the railroads gave us the cars and the OTR truck, so maybe, the crippling regulations from the Obamoron will give us the FLYING HORSE or something similar.

Ah yes, "green" cars. Here's a review of the Honda Insight. I am going to rush right out and buy one right this minute! (Hat-Tip: Doubleplusundead)

We have also found out beyond any doubt this week that the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (Dumbass-Moronifornia), is a lying Democrat. But, I repeat myself. It seems that she is saying that the CIA lied when they said they had briefed her on the waterboarding thingy. Watch this video and see who YOU think is lying. See? Barry Obama is not the only articulate and clean Democrat!

By the way, THIS is real torture.

Still ANOTHER Democrat goes to jail. Shhhh, the Barrystream Media might get mad.

Wonder when we will get around to investigating THIS? OH NOES!!! The Obamessiah is CORRUPT! SHOCKA!

And from the "Muslims like to kill everyone of the face of the Earth" file, an Al Qaeda leader captured in Iraq kinda states that he received orders from Saddam AND Al Qaeda and was getting his financing from MUSLIMS. BUSH LIED!!!!....oh wait....

Anyhoo, the WAR IS LOST! And with that defeat might come Harry Reid's defeat.

The "Blacks lurve them some gays" stuff. Contradictions cannot exist in the real world.

From the "WEIRD apostrophes in the headlines" file, comes an article saying Bill O'Reilly is a mean person because he said that liberalism is what is ruining the newspapers.

Democrats passed regulations increasing the number of bedbugs
. FOR THE POLAR BEARS!!! Somehow, I think that ABC Market Watch will use this the next time that there is a market rally.

Breaking the rules made to diminish our Constitutional Rights is GOOD.

In case you were at church or building a shrine to aborted babies, you might have missed the discovery of the DEFINITIVE MISSING LINK to evolution. This is so absolutely laughable as to split your ribcage. You know, the one that men have less of than women. (NO, they both have the same number. G_d ordered another for the one he used from the man. He just didn't have one in the shop at the time.)


And if you know anything at all about medical services, you know to HATE, HATE, HATE this guy. If anyone is to blame for britfarr coming back to professional footbaw, it is SATAN.

If you have yet to formulate your plans for vacation this summer, this is getting GLOWING reviews. I love cruises.

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ChristinaJade said...

ARGH! Overload!!!

Just one question. Is there anything, ANYTHING at all that ISN'T giong to hell in a handbasket? I'm pretty sure I asked this same question a few posts back, or something similar, anyway, but have yet to receive an answer. Why? Because NO ONE HAS THE ANSWER.

As for the football? Other than playing tackle in middle school, I'm clueless. I do still look forward to that cruise. AMMO!!!

Paul Mitchell said...

Here's the good news, Nancy Pelosi probably won't survive her attacks on the CIA, Harry Reid is getting slaughtered in the Nevada polling right now, and maybe Barry will get kidney disease and die!

Oh, Teddy Kennedy and Robert Byrd are dying in the hospital, too.

All that said, BLAST some Somalians!

Andy said...

Overload is right...too much to comment on TD.

But I do have a question. When Robert Byrd FINALLY takes a dirt nap, can West Virginia sandblast his name from every freakin' building, bridge, school, and park bench in the State?

And when Teddy goes on to his reward in Hell, will the voters of Massachusetts be able to top themselves, and elect a more repulsive sack of crap to the Senate? Maybe Barney...maybe?

Skunkfeathers said...

Please, please PLEASE be right about Bela Pelosi, Reid, et al!!!!

Bedbugs are tormenting polar bears? That'll get AlGore screaming more about controlling global warming before "ManBearPig" migrates from the Antarctic and attacks the south of France...

See what I just did there? Neither do I...

Joubert said...

I just noticed your link to me. Thanks, TD.

Paul Mitchell said...

Pat, getting a link from my hemorrhaging blog might be the kiss of death.