Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WTW - Roadwarrior Days

Me and a bunch of my friends are getting together to ride out the Barry Obama presidency. Check out our My Space page!

Jim Howie got out in his shop and welded us up a car to drive when we get there, too. Jim Howie is purdy damn handy with a welder.

(He's purdy damn handy in the garden, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. That might make our time out in the desert a little happier!)

The car rides about as good as a 1972 F-100, but that just means it's FUN.

Two city councilmen got a little too close for comfort while he was welding, so Jim Howie had to add them to the car. Politicians are sometimes almost lifelike. But, for some reason the front of their pants are always wet, kinda like a Bammer football fan when you mention Bear Bryant.

We run outta whiskey, so I bet them old boys are getting kinda hungry, though. Maybe it's time to head down to Earl's Package Store and get them something to eat.

The reason we decided to JINE up with the rest of the gang in the desert was because the new president done made us modify the Interceptor to conform to Peanut Farmer Dumbass's old timey CAFE standards. We caint even catch a kid on a damn bicycle, now.

Funny thing about that boy in the White House, they changed the word COOL to now mean SISSY.

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