Wednesday, May 27, 2009


With General Motors filing bankruptcy, they probably will SHALL get kicked out of the DJIA. The stock closed today at 1.15, down 0.29 or -20.14%. This is a HUGE opportunity for the Obamoron to really jump start the Dow.

Replace it with Google, which closed the day at 405.56, UP 1.20.

See? Get it? Obama can RECOVER the economy simply by forcing businesses into bankruptcy.

Here's some of the folks that Dow Jones is considering to replace Obama's FAILED car company. Please note that the article talks of RECORD HIGHS in the DJIA in October of 2007, right after fiscal year 2008 started. Wonder what happened to cause the economy to start crashing down around our ears?

There is just NO POSSIBLE WAY that it could have anything to do with the Democrats taking control of Congress in January 2007, could it? I thought Democrats were good for the economy.

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