Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wild-Ass Linkdump - With No Storyline

Just cleaning out the linkdump folder. Buncha mishmash here. No cohesion, much like David Lynch movie.

The Black Sphere: Obama Appoints Himself CEO of Chrysler. (I seriously cannot wrap my brain around this Chrysler thingy.)

Anti-Strib: Tax Increases Could Kill the Recovery.

Mashable: Google Answers the Twittah Threat.

Mashable: Trackle It, Offer Instant Notification to Your Site's Visitors.

Big Hollywood: Obama is just NOT FUNNY. (With Michelle Obama ARM pr0n!!!!)

Malkin: Obama's 108 BILLION IMF Bailout Scheme.

Malkin: More Leftie "Ex-Military" LIARS.

Guns Rights 4 US: The Best Way to Track Down Old Service Buddies. (What I need is a way to track down folks that I served jail time with.)

BlackFive: Happy Armed Forces Day!

Newsbusters: Only "Anonymous" Republicans Speak Out Against Cheney. (Dick Cheney is quite possibly the smartest VP that this country has ever known. To compare Cheney with the current VP is like comparing Nuclear Physicists, that solved the mysteries of the universe, to week old DOG TURDS.)

Newsbusters: AP Covers Up Deficit Accounting Errors for the Obamoron.

Gateway Pundit: Pelosi is an Accomplice to Torture.

The Racial Slur Database. (My favorite is "Smoke Jumpers.")

And finally, since I am obviously trying to reduce readership to ZERO and succeeding beyond my wildest dreams, LOL Blacks!

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ChristinaJade said...

Biden = week old dog turds.

Kane is offended. His week old turds NEVER say anything stupid. :)

Staci said...

Okay, so my favorite site was the Racial Slur Database.

And the fake soldier - does the media not check a damn thing out? I have some friends who I used to think were decently smart, who buy everything that's printed. They probably have sent him money.