Wednesday, May 06, 2009

WTW - Mexican May Sixth

Yesterday was the day that Mexico celebrates their victory over France. It is a BIG FAT HAIRY DEAL, too. If every country in the world was AS BIG A LOSER as Mexico, we would have celebrations year around to mark someone's victory over France.

Do you know what is funny? The fact that the Arc de Triomphe is in FRANCE!!! Luckily, back in 1970, even France got to the point of saying, "Oui, that is a very dumb name for a monument in France, let's call this thingy the "Place de l'√Čtoile" from this point forward."

I don't speak French because I am NOT a loser, but I think that Place de l'√Čtoile means "Panty-wearing booty-boy that AUTOMATICALLY surrenders in front of his own country and then is marched under that GHEY-ASS arch with his hands in the air and his pants around his ankles."

But, I could be wrong.

In honor of the entire WHITE TRASH COUNTRY of France sucking, I post this photo of the only way that a Frenchman can see BOOBS, other than watching Obama and Biden on television.

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Note: By way of comparison of how friggin' SKRONG the army of Mexico was at the time they defeated France, a mere thirty years before they kicked the shit out of France, less than 200 Texans held off about 10,000 Mexican soldiers for over a WEEK. Six Texans could conquer the ENTIRE CONTINENT of Europe.

(Photo Hat-Tip: Crap, folks, someone e-mailed it to me and I do not remember who it was. Take credit in the comments, please.)


ChristinaJade said...

Best part about the whole Cinco de whatever thingy is that Puddles ate at the Mexican place for free.

The pic? Yeah, I did that. He's just volunteering for the good of all mankind right there. heh