Tuesday, June 09, 2009

And Here's the Daily News!

Michelle Obama's press agent had a little trouble with Jake Tapper's questions today.

At practically the very same minute, Michelle Obama was making the news for being a complete asshole to Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. Check the photo.

At the same time that was going on, twenty thousand show up to see Sarah Palin. In NEW YORK.

And luckily for New Orleans, their mayor, Ray Nagin, that killed about two thousand people when Senator Landrieu's brother's levees broke, was getting quarantined for Pig Flu.

Our president is so afraid of getting cooties, that Barry has employed a FOOD TASTER! Kingly move there, Mr. Man of the Little People.

Also in the news, the Second Biggest Moron in the United States, and former POOREST Senator, Joe Biden, kinda backs the OPPOSITE guy in the New York governor's race from the one chosen by the elitist Democrats. Oops! Open ass, insert head.

The littlest ballerina has decided that Larry Summers has got to go.

And the Genius President presents his moral equivalency ideology on those pesky NUKES. Remember, he is a genius. Iran (or North Korea) is the very same as the United States, you know.

Here's the Newsweek interview with the Family Obama. Hell, they are BETTER than G_d.

President Obama is the first government employee that is sure to accomplish TOTAL EQUALITY. I think that kinda means that all humans are dead, but HEY! they're equal!

Since Tucker Carlson went public with "his" idea of a conservative news aggregator, NOT TUCKER CARLSON has already produced one. The Other McCain has more.

More GREAT! economy news. Well, yeah, great.

Here's a comparison of the way that the Barrystream Media talked about the economy when Bush was President v. Barry Head Moron. Watch that video!

I have covered the nationalized medical services thingy to the point that I am sick of it, and STILL it keeps coming up. Here's YET ANOTHER example of why we do NOT want government subsidized medical services. That's example 6,836,294,083,374, if you are keeping a tally.

Here's a preliminary glimpse of stuff included in the takeover of medical services. You know, ANTI-CHOICE.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!!! Not undocumented workers, moron. They are CRIMINALS. By the way, there is a smoking-awesome comment there, some guy really knows his stuff.

The left proposes the greatest idea EVAH to handle the Iraq War problem. The intelligence just oozes from every PORE of the "Progressives." (With AWESOME prohibition history!)

And that is the way it BE.

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