Monday, June 08, 2009

Define: Idiot

In my never-ending quest to properly use words, I hit up The Google tonight for the definition of the word "idiot." When I clicked the "Search" button, I inadvertently performed a search for IMAGES.

This was image NUMERO UNO and I can certainly see why.

My buddy, the 'Swampbilly Electrical Engineering Guy What Has the Ditch Cricket Boil Every Year,' calls this "Face Tackle."

By the way, the second image on the search for "idiot" was Frank Lloyd Wright and today was his birthday. How odd? Just saying.

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ChristinaJade said...

But are his earlobes stretched out to the size of a golfball? Heck, I can't tell through all the barbed wire...

Paul Mitchell said...

I do not believe that this metal detector nightmare has those soup cans in his ears, but I cannot or will not allow myself to study it hard enough to determine.

Unknown said...

I like "Face Tackle." conjures images of dragging his face behind a fishing troller.

Andy said...

Hey, that's my niece's husband Maurice.

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