Monday, June 08, 2009

DJIA Rallies at the Close!

I have been really busy today, so I did not have time to listen to the ABC Marketwatch Comedy Show at noon. However, I did catch the skit at five. Weird that banks rallied near the close to keep the DJIA in positive territory for the day, huh?

Then I scanned the news. It seems that the SCOTUS put the hold on the Obama deal of Chrysler and Fiat. Maybe that decision gave the market HOPE that SCOTUS would continue to keep Obama from completely jettisoning the Constitution.

Factual occurrences are always easily explained given the proper information.

FYI, the market was sharply down before that announcement from SCOTUS was made. It closed UP +1.36. The graph shows how far it was down at the open.

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ChristinaJade said...

Heard a bit of that on the radio earlier - the State of Indiana is behind that, yes? Something about stock holders? Whatever the details, sure did bump the market.

Must be something to that "keep American businesses in America" thing after all, eh?