Monday, June 22, 2009

"In this fatherless world, where did you learn to love?"

Translation into NORMAL PERSON language, "Since I cannot blow you on national television, lemme ask an asinine question."

Here we have our current top two morons recreating the traveling scene from Dumb and Dumber. It is completely up to you to figure out which is which. I gave up long ago, they are both so adept at being morons, it is hard to determine which one of these bumbling idiots is more moronic.

Right after this photo was taken, both Barry and Doddering Joe drank bottles of urine.

By the way, when riding in a golf cart, you hang your foot out of the side if you are NOT A PANSY. The pansy shoe obviously fits both of these assholes.

The title of this post comes from a question asked of the Obamessiah by CBS's Obama Fluffer, Harry Smith. Go read the rest of the Ipecac. In case you do not want to projectile vomit over the fawning from Harry Smith, yes, Harry most definitely SWALLOWS whatever Obamaluvlotion that he does not rub into his facial flesh. This "interview" is actually titled 'THROATED.'

In related Obama fluffing, Obama Commemorative Plates are literally flying off the shelves. Well, if by "flying" we mean, from retail stores to Big Lots and the Everything's a Dollar stores. They are now cheaper than CLAY PIGEONS.

Since we have reached the tipping point in the market (the DJIA was DOWN 200.72 today), the sycophants in Obama's Media Corps have started an all out effort to prop up the FAILBOAT model of governance inflicted upon the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD by Barry Obama. Luckily, The Other McCain kinda brings the truth to light. (No kin to John the McCainiac.)

By the way, Barry has decided to change the name of his shadow corporation from ACORN to Community Organizations International, Inc. Their effectiveness in the Iranian elections have given them a SWOLE HEAD. Just so you know, the name "Fucktarded Election Stealers" was already taken by David Axelrod's new shadow company.

And since Barry's approval numbers are plummeting with the rapidity of the DJIA, I suggest a name change for the Obamessiah, too. As a FREE service, I suggest the new name of Milquetoast Surrendermonkey. No, no, no, take it, it is YOURS by right!

Brass Balls Radio #55 is out and it has Wendy Sullivan and Tabitha Hale in some Hot Iranian Girl on Girl Action.

Here is a "Moron Joe on the street" report with 100% Obamoron backers.

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ChristinaJade said...

Y'know, TD, some people might begin to believe that you could POSSIBLY be harboring a slight dislike against the current administration. Hard to believe that anyone would make that assumption, but it is one interpretation of your opinion. HA!

SRSLY, Biden looks like he is holding on for dear life...that high speed golf cart musta been pulling some major G's.

I still don't get the whole changing the name of ACORN thing. Do they actually think that the people pushing for investigation are STUPID enough to be led off the trail by just placing a new title on the corruption? I guess I shouldn't be surprised, ignorant people think that ALL people are as ignorant as they are.

Steve B said...

Not that there's anything wrong with golfing, but I find it interesting that Biden goes golfing, while Cheney went shooting.

Different cultchah, y'all.

Paul Mitchell said...

CJ, the people that WERE investigating ACORN just got fired.

Steve, if Doddering Joe plays golf like Barry plays golf, it ain't really golf. I posted a video of the Obamessiah on the driving range. He has (at best) played golf three times in his life. It was beyond the point of awful.

Steve B said...

That said, it's probably better than Cheney's shooting!


Paul Mitchell said...

I would have shot a guy that got between me and the birds, too!

Yeah, I said it.