Sunday, June 21, 2009

Punting Dads in the Nads

Just so y'all know, my dad is a hunk of shit, so for about twenty years, Father's Day has meant NOTHING to me. It took me an awful long time to understand that there were some people that were just no damn good and once I made that determination, it has been balls to the wall for me. It seems that I always want to believe the best about people, but sometimes they let us down and we have to understand that they have moved beyond the realm of simple human error and into the area of severe uncaring or indifference. Or even worse yet, evil.

We see these things on a daily basis now. We see those folks that seem normal on the outside, but have the insidious nature of misrepresenting themselves as the upstanding citizens that they should be, but all the while maintaining the underhandedness of the criminal lowlife. Bill and Hillary Clinton come immediately to mind. John McCain and his screwed up family represent another facet of morally deficient people, albeit to a different extent.

At one time, you could talk to someone for a very few minutes and make determinations upon their personal constitution and be pretty much be assured of which way they would lean in their ideology. That is no longer the case. People FUCKING lie.

The difference between normal people and those crazed lunatics that do anything for personal gain are monumental. We normal folks have made bad decisions in our past and are genuinely remorseful about them. We have made every attempt to correct the wrongs of our past and develop into better people. However, people exist that do not follow those basic premises and I blame our national philosophy of moral relativism for PROMOTING that ambiguity. Right is right and wrong is wrong. There are NO GRAY AREAS.

You see, power corrupts. This is true in any sense of the word. Parents that practice the ultimate control over their children do NOT foster mature and independent offspring, they produce automatons that do exactly what they are expected to do for outward appearance, but are, beneath the surface, conniving, spiteful human beings doing whatever is needed to get what they want. Manipulation of others is their crowning achievement.

Normal people set out to offer the benefit of the doubt to all others and we are the ones that get used, abused, and shat upon with regularity. Because of our VIRTUES. I have gotten to the point that in order to protect myself, I have to practice a little more skepticism towards others, even if everything that they do is fine, upstanding, and honest in appearance. This end result is damned SAD, but we can look back over time and see directly the actions of those that we trusted and with that hindsight can see where we were blind.

Joe Scarborough is the latest of the supposedly normal people to step over that honesty line. On September 11, 2005, I penned a post that spoke of my disgust with Scarborough because of his voiced utter contempt for the people that were displaced by Hurricane Katrina. NO! I am not talking about those idiots in New Orleans.

Now, Morning Joe has a book out and is touring the country badmouthing people that are genuinely CONSERVATIVE. Luckily, normal people are not falling for his bullshit.

There were plenty of normal folks that set out to give our current President, Weakbrained McLibtard, a fighting chance starting out. The folks that did this had never read his books, never studied the legislation that he promoted, and never informed themselves of his past associations with absolutely ZERO upstanding people. You see, he is an OLD PERSON. His constitution was developed LONG AGO and it is one based on the ideology of someone that doesn't CARE what happens to others, it is based on what is best for getting him what he wants at a moment's notice.

Even those that believed in Barry should be seeing the effects of their misplaced trust right now. Only a moron CANNOT see it. Right now, even the people that work for the New Moron President are telling you NOT to believe THEIR BOSS. They know that he is a liar, and they are telling you that he is a liar. Just so you know, John Boehner, the person chosen to rebut the White House plans for destroying our medical system in this country, has been a Congressman since 1991. Do you BELIEVE him in his rebuttal? If so, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU?

Remember the other day when I posted the video of Senator Barbara Boxer going off about being called ma'am? Here is a very good description of the exact situation arising around that hissy-fit from the Moron Senator.

We have to become more diligent in our efforts to weed out corruption and dishonesty in our government. Our very lives depend upon it.

Oh, by the way, I am currently debating the idea of removing the shield of anonymity from my blogging persona. I no longer have anything keeping me from expressing my opinions in a public forum with my true name attached. What thinks you?

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ChristinaJade said...

This is awesome, just so you know. I've personally been guilty of bouncing back and forth on some things, but have found that by taking my time and LEARNING about whatever that subject is...I am FORCED to pick one side or the other. The ever-growing gray area is much of what is wrong with our Country and its citizens today.

And yeah, if I can put my name out there, SO CAN YOU! :)

ChristinaJade said...

and by the way...


Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

It's always good to not be anonymous.

You've probably read this

Unknown said...

You're never really anonymous.. someone will eventually find you, so I just outed myself before they did. Made life a lot easier.

As for Boxer.. she hasn't done anything GOOD to deserve the title not a single thing. And all the Californians who keep voting her in should be deported to mars.

Paul Mitchell said...

No, OSO, I had not read that, but now I know where to find you.

Jenn, the fun part about being "anonymous" is that I am not really anonymous. I was trying to maintain some semblance of hideyness for the protection of my family, but have made to concerted efforts to really obscure my identity.

Denise said...

I'm sorry about your relationship with your father. Mine passed on 20 years ago next month. I still miss him.

As far as anonymity goes, protecting your family is your primary goal. Of course, there are people out there (I'm not one of them) who know how to use IP addresses to figure out who people are. I think whether you "out" yourself should be your decision, not someone else's. Do what you feel is the right thing to do for you and for your family.

Paul Mitchell said...

Denise, no need to feel sorry about my father, like I said, he is a pile of garbage. But we can miss yours, there are so many good ones that have gone on to bigger and better things.

And I am still mulling over the change and if I am going to do it. It might take another four years for me to decide.

miriam sawyer said...

I think a blogger is more credible under her own name. That being said, I maintain my anonymity because 1) my family would disown me if they read my blog; and 2) there are some weird people out there.

But anonymity is just a figleaf; anyone who really cares can finger me.

My name really is Miriam, though.

Paul Mitchell said...

Miriam, my family could not care less what I think on a daily basis, but I have received death threats, so there is that.

I certainly did not give it too much thought when I started blogging, though.