Friday, June 12, 2009

Obama's Idiot Week in Review

There are some weird things going on in the markets today, over two hundred stocks are not being recorded and the trades are only being performed through online trading. I am unsure exactly what the Hell the Obamoron did last night to destroy those industries, but I am certain that the news regarding them shall be released late this afternoon. I am guessing that they are medical and pharmaceutical stocks, but I could very well be wrong.

There are plenty of other things going on in the market that raise eyebrows, not the least of which is the Barrystream Media being complicit in the cover up. Why are they hiding the very clear signs of skyrocketing INFLATION?

Could it be that Obama has completely spent our country into a devastating downward spiral that can never be righted?

The overwhelming transparency practiced by the Obamoron Administration and his public relations agencies, ABC, CBS, NBC, MoronSNBC, and CNN is unreal. Dang, NOTHING is hidden from the public.

What else is the most transparent executive branch up to? Well, they have kinda got tangled up in a situation similar to Hillary Clinton's Travelgate thingy. That was kinda bound to happen when Barry re-hired all of the Clinton Administration folks that are not in jail or dead from really weird circumstances.

Well, President Moobs O'Vapidstare has decided to start firing Inspector Generals that are investigating his financiers. (Hat-Tip: Doubleplusundead)

Malkin says that First Lady Hillbilly Piranhaface is kinda involved, too.

Patterico piles on.

Since "healthcare" is back in the news, every flake-idiot is up on The Hill pushing his pet crystal-worshiping douchery. Instead of heart medication, the Democrats propose using MEDITATION. I propose roving bands of prostitutes, that would employ MORE Democrats, so it fits the Obamoron model.

But, the Democrats also do NOT want any medical personnel talking to Republicans. What the Hell does that matter? The Democrats do not want to use medical personnel to craft a policy concerning medical services, FACTS scare them.

In another field that Democrats do not want to know anything about, here's a blind taste test between Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Technology is the Kryptonite of Democrats.

To get you organized on Twittah to fight the anti-knowledge crowd of Democrats in the federal government, here are some tools to help sort your followers.

If you allow the federal government to continue to reduce the innovation of the private sector, inventions like this will be things of the past. And joy shall DIE!

Do your part to save the BEER CANNON!!!

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ChristinaJade said...

And the good news is...wait, there isn't any? Dangit.

I have looked and looked for a list of those 200 "hidden" trades. My search abilities are failing me, and my former broker (former since I'm NOT in the market) had no idea until I told him. He's working on it.