Thursday, June 11, 2009

Obviously, We ARE in Hell

When Representative Bennie Thompson (Dumbass-MS) first released his committee's report on "extremists" in this country, I thought that very soon afterward this here little conservative news aggregation blarq would be shut down. Little did I know that shortly thereafter, the Central Intelligence Agency would be sending me my Sooper Seecrit Agent e-mail.

Weird, I thought all the dumb-as-almighty-Hell government agencies were operated at (dot)govs. Who knew that they weren't? I guess the CIA does that to be seecrit.

And speaking of that report, that has since been pulled because NORMAL people got pissed off, "This Ain't Hell" has a really good debunking on the Jew-Hating killer that went nuts at the Holocaust museum.

Rick Moran also chimes in on the George W. Bush hating killer. Yes, the shooter HATED Bush, but still is getting lumped into the "rightwing conservative" group by the Barrystream Media.

Strangely enough, Mr. Monster Jew-Hater is not getting associated with someone else that espouses the same hatred that he had. You know, Jesse "Hymie-town" Jackson, or a particular someone's SPIRITUAL MENTOR, who just YESTERDAY said THIS. Weird, a killah at the JEW museum had the same bigoted prejudices as that certain someone, huh? ABC? Where's THAT story?

I am really curious to know exactly when the Barrystream Media is going to blame the "President" for the Jew-killing terrorism that Barry caused by his anti-Semitic speeches given in Muslim countries? Or when Barry will get blamed for the Muslims blowing up a hotel in Pock-ii-stahn, right after President Jew-Hater gave his speech? I am guessing that all of the advances that Muslims have made in mathematics MUST be used to figure out the trajectories for projectiles to inflict the most casualties. YAY, for Muslim math!

And in other Muslim related news, come to find out, on that Air France flight that DISAPPEARED, there were a couple of KNOWN TERRORISTS aboard. Um, no offense, but if they were known to be terrorists, why were they still emitting carbon dioxide? Eeeek! Global Warming!!!

For those of you that are living near Jack-troit, Mississippi's Middle East, HERE is a link that has a link to the crime data from the first week in June. Stunning. Please understand that there are currently ZERO conservatives in Jack-troit. All current REFUGEES are liberal or radicals and it has been that way for minimally twenty years.

Segue into the race debate. Wonder what kind of immigrants outperform other types of immigrants? Some immigrants from certain areas outperform their racial brethren that have lived in the United States for GENERATIONS. What could possibly be the cause of that abnormality? You know, since we have been programmed by the Democrats to believe that race is the equivalent of performance?

First Lady Arms Obamoron has the fashion sense of Jackie O! And the teeth of one of THESE.

In the Leftist Humor Department, Chairman of the Board, David Letterman, offers up humor that calls for the forced RAPE of Sarah Palin's daughter Willow. Dammit, I almost pissed my pants laughing. The rape of a fourteen year old girl is friggin' hilarious. I am literally crying here.

As long as the left is giggling about raping little girls, let's laugh also at the left's humor at calling out Sarah Palin on stealing words from Newt Gingrich. Oh, wait, Sarah only spoke Newt's name FIVE times while speaking? Well, shit, Hell, damn, she should know that quoting someone requires you to say their name SIX times.

Seriously, I am about to give up on society if these things are easily found by me in less than twenty seconds on a daily basis. I am going to become a AGW alarmist and call for the eradication of the human species from the planet.

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