Saturday, June 06, 2009

Saturday Evening Folder Cleaning

For some reason, the link folder is getting full and I have even been posting the links that I had this week, too! Here's some stuff that I didn't post for some reason.

I did not post on D-Day this morning because Andy did and it is a great post.

Malkin has a post on the Department of Justice issuing a statement to protect Muslims in the wake of the KILLING rampage that a Muslim went on in Little Rock. How much WRONGNESS can the Obama Administration dump at one time?

By the way, I wonder how many individual Muslims took it upon themselves to commit Jihad in our country? Well, here's the list of murdering Muslims in case you missed it in this morning's post.

Some dumb as fuck actor says that Sicko needs to be shown over and over again since the healthcare debate is rolling around again. Why not just listen to tomatoes rather than actors? As you shall certainly recall, I actually PAID money to watch that movie and debunked it in about fourteen seconds. I took a total of one million pages of notes during it, NOT ONE THING in that movie is worth viewing. Even making this movie served no purpose at all. Michael Moore should literally have the shit beat out of him daily, then be sent every single day to Cuba for his medical treatments. I have five dollars that should handle the costs quite nicely of the AWESOMATIC doctors in Castroland.

General Powell, I do appreciate your service, sir, but will you please sit down and shut up? You voted for Barry Obama, you are an idiot. But, maybe intelligent people should all become Democrats that vote Republican.

And General Powell, how are those "saved or created" jobs working out since your chosen candidate was elected? Maybe they are really doing worse than ever in the history of our country?

The most "transparent" government in Democrats' minds kinda are politiczing every single thing. Republicans come from an intel briefing and spill the beans.

Who is running the banking industry now? Is it those same folks that destroyed the economy to begin with? Have they changed the way they were doing business? OF COURSE NOT.

Here's ABC's list of the 100 most influential blogs. Oddly, this here little blarg did NOT make the list. But, then again, NEITHER DID HOT AIR! WTF?!?!?

If you are on Facebook, you should definitely become a fan of wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tubeman. That is just friggin' bizarre.

If you are a reader of BOOKS (not blogs), you should buy your books online from Mr. Happy Beard Guy. He is one of my Twittah buddies and has an awesome beard.

Girl on the Right tip-toes around the issue of the lone Muslim woman that protested outside the funeral of the young soldier murdered by another Muslim in Little Rock. (With video of the protester.)

We all know that Chris Matthews is an imbecile, but Van Thomas is a idiotic, fucktarded, douchematic, moronflake. (WATCH. THIS. VIDEO.)

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ChristinaJade said...

Good grief...I go to market for 3 days and now I have to go through all this? I knew I would miss stuff.

And GOOD FOR the Repubs who disclosed the info. Personal opinion: the Dems aren't ticked off about them releasing "classified info" - they are pissed cause they were cut off at the pass and didn't get a chance to LIE.

Unknown said...

As an atheist, I didn't take the Van Thomas thing quite as literally as you and other readers apparently did. I know what he said, and it was stupid wording, but I don't think he meant to suggest that Obama was in fact THE "God" that 90% of the planet worships on their respective day of sabbath.

Everybody says stupid shit occasionally. Politicians are no exception. Being offended about something like this is out of context and just silly.

Paul Mitchell said...

Kevin, I do believe that Thomas meant it in the vein that he wants to have Obama's children and he is more than willing to go through the sex change to make that happen.

It would be completely different if he had not said a few years ago that his job was to bring down the president. Of course that was when the president was a Republican.

The media figures are almost all like that now. The only one that even attempts to offer a modicum of objectivity seems to be Jake Tapper. And how long that will continue remains to be seen.