Saturday, June 06, 2009

Saturday Morning Reading

I am currently reading Andrew Carnegie by David Nasaw and it gave me some ideas of what to pursue while trying to understand the idiotic ideas that are driving the forced destruction of the United States car industry. You see, Carnegie was a man motivated by making money, not by producing anything. In other words, even the issue of steel making, my interest in which is the reason I got this book, motivated Carnegie, it was just about making money.

Making money is inherently good, getting wealthy is good, but when that is the sole purpose of your entire life, something has been left out of your philosophical make-up.

Anyhoo, I did some cursory The Google searches and happened upon THIS in the Wall Street Journal. Read this, please. Our government has forced this merger for some particular reason which I cannot ascertain. Barry Obama decided that this SHALL BE DONE. What does he stand to gain? Clearly, there is some sort of underhanded Chicago style politicking going on. It is blatantly apparent to anyone that even glances in the direction of our president that Obama is a very corrupt man.

I also distinctly remember reading something a few years back about General Motors loaning Fiat a sizable amount of money to continue business. Sadly, I cannot find anything regarding that on The Google, it is probably too far down the search for my patience. And furthermore, Fiat is in talks with GM to purchase GM's Opel European manufacturing facilities.

AND, Fiat is putting in ZERO CASH for this deal. This brings even more hinkiness to light, what the mortal Hell is going on? Since Fiat is investing NOTHING other than stock, that had to be propped up by General Motors just a few years ago, what is their true risk in this adventure? NOTHING.

Someone is about to get very, very rich without producing ANYTHING. Fingers are pointing to Barry Obama and his Chicago thugs.

Not only is Chrysler going to be assassinated in this automotive industry boondoggle conceived by someone without a modicum of business sense, but Hummer is also going to be basically GIVEN to the Chi-Coms. There is no way to accurately judge the number of jobs that are going to be lost in this gutting of our last manufacturing industry, but it is substantial by even the most conservative estimates.

At a time when unemployment is SKYROCKETING to points unknown since Jimmy Carter's economy was being repaired by Reagan. (I really liked the news of our chocolate rations being raised on that post. I hate chocolate.)

In related Obama news, Muslims have certainly received their fair share of the Nobels, huh? By the way, do you know what the biggest single export is from Muslim nations? KILLING.

You hear what President Obama says, but know in your brain that he is LYING. Keep calling him on his dishonesty and corruption. Good people do not sit on the sidelines while corruption destroys our country.

By the way, speaking of cars and stuff, the Obama Administration is proposing to REPEAL THE LAWS OF PHYSICS. Good Lord, help the morons in charge of our country.

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