Sunday, July 05, 2009

Dude, Chillax. There is a Message.

I really thought that I would lick sand to get rid of the Michael Jackson "FRONT PAGE NEWS!" Alas, I was wrong, bring back The Scarecrow if I have to read another "Sarah Palin done shot herself in the stomach" post.

Look, everyone that has spoken up regarding Sarah's resignation is WRONG so far. Here, lemme drop it on you. If you actually believe that Palin is YOUR SAVIOR, then you are in essence the same as a brain-dead Obamabot. AND, BIG FRIGGIN' AND, the Congress is the entity that is passing idiotic legislation that is taking away all of your money, wealth and your kid's future. The President CANNOT do any spending UNLESS Congress sends it to the White House.

By the way, I lurved me some Ronald Reagan, but even HE was not my master.

Get a grip, folks, our philosophy is one of limited government and that STARTS at home, and moves toward Washington DC, NOT the other way around. So, having a titular head of the movement is ASS-BACKWARDS. Just so you know, I am the titular head of my OWN FRIGGIN' MOVEMENT. Hey! You! Do the same!

For the supposedly smart folks to talk about STATES RIGHTS and then completely contradict that by thinking on a national scale is really ridiculous. Think about that for a minute.

And now, think about the fact that Sarah Palin is only forty-five years old and if she runs for President at forty-nine, she has effectively removed her voice for the rest of her natural life in the grand scheme of things.

Now, reflect on Barry Obama for a minute. He ran for President in his late forties and now that he has won, he is completely irrelevant, just like Jimmy Carter. We shall get to watch him (for quite possibly the next thirty years) being a washed-up, old, bitter moron backed by an entire tenure of FAIL. Yes, he is an utter failure as President, in case you did not know already.

Do you want that for Sarah Palin, who is quite possibly the most charismatic politician since Ronald Reagan? Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe Sarah Palin wants to really make a difference in the philosophical direction of this country by working to get the right people prepared for the future?

And yes, that could include just sitting at home and taking care of the most important people in her OWN DAMN LIFE.

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Arcticman Speaks! said...

I've been asked by everyone I know what I think of this. It's really simple. What would you do if you were her, took a step back and really thought about what was best for Alaska, your family, and your own future? This country's media and the left has turned into a chaotic psychotic vitriolic mass of drunken spoiled jerks who will say and do anything to destroy you. There is no limit to the depth they will sink. Your family has been assaulted with lies, nasty jokes on television and the internet, and you can't imagine how much further depraved they can get, but you know they will.

You've been a team player all your political career and you have an excellent Lt. Governor who you've stood by and helped to bring along. You aren't running for re-election anyway, so you give him an opportunity to serve almost two years as the incumbent before the next election. You have every right to pull a John Gault, but instead you form a legal team and put the douche-bags on notice that as a private citizen you will come after them. You make a ton of money off your PAC and best selling book and you hit the road talking about the issues.

The State moves forward. The conservative movement gets a huge jolt of new energy. The press and the rest of your enemies can't make up lies anymore without consequences, and your family can take a break from the insanity.

Nice move Sarah.

Paul Mitchell said...

It does appear to be full of win from all angles. I thought that press release from the legal team was particularly effective. They are already screeching about it at HuffPo this morning.

I frigging laughed.

MUD said...

I think that Sarah has the right as a private citizen to fire back when people say things about her that aren't true. I hope that she takes people like Dave Letterman and shuts them up.
My concern is if not Sarah, who wil be the person that helps the conservatives out of the wilderness in the next election. Clearly we need to un elect the liberal congress and put people in there that will spend the money there as if it was ours not theirs. MUD

ChristinaJade said...

MUD brings up a good point. As Governor she had to tread lightly, politically speaking, when her family was attacked. As an incredibly intelligent, wonderfully conservative, exceptional woman that is NOT in office, she can lash out in defense without worrying about how her actions will reflect on her State and Office.

'Cause I woulda kicked Letterman in the whoo-has - HARD, several times. till he cried. Like a girl. Only an idiotic liberal female with NO MATERNAL INSTINCTS AT ALL woulda laughed at what that dick said.

As a Mom and someone who values family over everything else in the world, I applaud her for saying that she had asked them first. No matter what she is up to, she has earned even more of my respect with that one little statement.

By the way, Glenn Beck made a comment last night on the Twitter that she could be separating herself from the GOP, and becoming a voice for non-partisan conservatives. That thought actually makes me feel funny in a very good way.

Y'know, Paul, kinda like her legs do to you. (heh, HAD to throw that in there)

Skunkfeathers said...

1. The HuffPo sucks Barry's bowel movements.
2. Maybe if you live with a woman for enough years, you can venture to say you can read her mind...maybe. All these pundits who think they can read Sarah's mind, without knowing her (or relying on talking heads for their info) are crack-snorters.
3. Sarah's hot ;)
4. Whatever she does, I reckon she feels it's best for her, her family and the future. Good enough for her, whether I ultimately agree with her or not.

Anonymous said...

Well said Paul. We've had company all weekend and I was scrambling to get it together before everyone arrived. I heard it from our guests and was quite shocked. I have yet to watch the news or make the political blog rounds... I started here. ;) Anyway, once I got over the shock of it, my first thought was she is only 45 and this could be a very good thing. It'll be interesting to see what happens. I don't believe for a second that she's going to be out of the picture for good.