Friday, July 17, 2009

The Jack-troit Morning Excursion and Thoughts Regarding Same

I had a thingy to do in Jack-troit this morning at 8:00am, so I got up early to try to beat the rush hour traffic. Folks, there is no rush hour traffic going into Jack-troit anymore. This should tell you something. I could not even imagine what traffic must resemble heading into Madison County in the morning, but I can tell you that there was very little traffic heading that way FROM Jack-troit this morning.

In case you are curious, it is probably the fact that very few people remaining in Mississippi's Capitol City WORK. And there are relatively few jobs remaining in the city even if those few folks that still live in Jack-troit actually wanted to work. By the way, Jack-troit is NUMBER TWO in the country in property crimes per capita and NUMBER FOUR in homicides.

Which brings us to today's spew.

On the local radio station they were talking about crime. See the BCS standings for Jack-troit in the paragraphs above. They also made the comment that the police department was doing all that they could to reduce crime. Lemme just say this. Jack-troit appears to have lost HALF of its population, but has INCREASED the number of police officers on patrol. Yet crime rates still climb.

These statistics simply do not equate.

Police officers in Jack-troit are NOT doing their jobs. They are NOT competent, trustworthy, or dedicated to the task they are given. And now, the new OLD Mayor wants to INCREASE the number of police officers in the city to the levels recommended by a study performed eleven years ago, when people actually remained in the city. Most intelligent people could understand that this shall have ZERO effect on crime in Jack-troit, but those are the typical talking points used by idiots.

Which brings us to the philosophical point. GOVERNMENT IS INHERENTLY BAD. Anything that government officials touch turns to a steaming pile of horseshit and is a train wreck from the jump. It is the same outcome with government schools.

At some point, we must discontinue our protection of government employed school teachers and ADMIT that they are as incompetent as the policemen that are patrolling those HIGH CRIME areas. We should not allow those that are totally incompetent to continue to perform the VITAL tasks required by our country's philosophy and particular form of governance.

Which brings us to today's topical subject, government mandated "healthcare."

Most of those people that are fighting this oncoming boondoggle are using the examples of Medicare, Medicaid, and the Veteran's Administration, as well as the systems in Canada and Socialist Europe as examples of the failure of government to provide even the most basic services in medicine.

These examples are too restricted in their scope. All anyone needs to observe to fully understand what is DEFINITELY GOING TO HAPPEN when the federal government takes over medical services is to look to the most restrictive areas of governance to see the outcome. Go to the metropolitan areas of Detroit/Flint, St. Louis, Cleveland, DC, Chicago, New Orleans, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, YES! Jackson, Mississippi, and Pittsburgh and you shall see what your medical services experience shall resemble.

Oh, Detroit is thinking about LEGALIZING PROPERTY CRIMES!!!

I think that everyone can understand these things, but everyone wants to try to temper their comments regarding these things. Normal people had better start speaking their mind, or those very same normal people are going to find themselves locked in their homes, afraid to go out after dark for fear of getting mugged THEN having to find medical attention.

UPDATE: Being the safest precinct in Jack-malia is akin to being the best YOGA INSTRUCTOR in all of Bolton.

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Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

Well, ya know that Miss is a Republican State don't you? Haley Barbour? Phil Bryant? And ya know that Miss voted 56-43 for McCain. And ya know that Miss has the lowest per capita income of any state in the US?

Ya may have heard of Maryland? 7 out of 8 of its congressmen are Dems. Martin O'Malley? Dem. Anthony G. Brown? Dem. State government reps? Dems outnumber Republicans 2-1. They voted for Obama 62-37. Oh, and Maryland has the highest per capita income - more than twice that of Miss.

In fact, let's look at the ten poorest states (per capita income) in the US and see who they voted for:

51. MS: McCain 56-43
50. WV: McCain 56-43
49. AR: McCain 59-39
48. KY: McCain 57-41
47. AL: McCain 60-31
46. LA: McCain 59-40
45. NM: Obama 57-42
44. OK: McCain 66-34
43. TN: McCain 57-42
42. SC: McCain 54-45

Now let's look at the ten richest states (per capita income) and see who they voted for:

1. MD: Obama 62-37
2. NJ: Obama 57-42
3. CT: Obama 61-38
4. AK: McCain 59-38
5. HI: Obama 72-27
6. NH: Obama 54-45
7. MA: Obama 62-36
8. CA: Obama 61-37
9. VA: Obama 53-46
10. MN: Obama 54-44

Conclusion: Republicans often preside over poverty.

Paul Mitchell said...

OSO, Mississippi is NOT a Republican state, sorry, stop reading the New York Times. The governor and LT governor are Republicans BUT! both sides of the State House have been controlled by Democrats since the end of Reconstruction. Of the 82 counties only three are Republican controlled, oddly, the three also have the highest per capita income in the state, the lowest unemployment and the lowest crime. Odd, huh?

Rankin County, where I live, has ZERO elected democrat officials and we lead in all three of my categories listed in the above paragraph. Our county borders Hinds County where Jackson is. Wonder why there is such a huge disparity in neighboring counties?

Conclusion: Democrats are stupid and are bad at governing.

Andy said...

Paul, I wrote a long reply to OSE that did not publish. I'll make this shorter.

In Louisiana, if you took out the hundreds of thousands of welfare bums in Shreveport, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans, the median income would probably go from $41,000 to around $60,000.

Those three cities are all run by democrats, and always have been.

In short, you might find some poor States that are run by the way, LA is a VERY democrat State. We have a Republican gov. currently, but both houses of the legislature are controlled by dems, and always have been. But I digress.

You might find some poor States that are run by Republicans. But you will not find one city/county with high poverty rates that is NOT run by democrats.

Find one, and I'll listen.

Andy said...

Not to mention Arkansas...Democrat governor, democrat legislature, two democrat US Senators.

OSE, don't confuse Arkansas', or LA's, or MS, or OK voting heavily for McCain with being "Republican controlled." The argument doesn't hold water.