Sunday, July 19, 2009

Milestone Post - Number 1872

Yes, I know that you thought today would NEVAH come, but we have now reached Post Number 1872. Please note that 1872 was a kickass year, except for the fact that the Little Girl's Game, soccer, was played for the first time. Oh, and Helen Thomas was born in 1872.

Last week marked a continuation of President Disaster's reign and still more of the FAILBOAT model of governance. The more that I watch these idiots, the more attraction and respect I have to and for Jimmy Carter. Yes, even Jimmy Carter is NOT AS STUPID as these morons. Shall we take a gander at where we are headed?

History has a tendency to be a good indicator of the future, except not only does this administration HATE history, but they also HATE mathematics and science. Can anyone point me to some topic on which this administration is learned? Anyone? Anything?

Oh! Yeah! "Healthcare!" Wait, they are really completely WRONG on medical services. But, since Barry's popularity is plummeting like a stone in a very small pool, let's hurry up and do something about a non-existent problem! There are ZERO intelligent people in this country that agree with Barry on "healthcare." ZERO. And polls are beginning to show that folks are coming to grips with the fact that Barry is an idiot. At least they masked their racism long enough to elect a HALF-WHITE guy.

By the way, Democrats HATE Black people. Always have, always will. Articulate, clean, and HALF-WHITE.

According to Barry, they are saving so many jobs that we should just bask in his awesomeness. But, according to the stuff that they hate, like math and science, the only jobs being created are in government.

What about Anthropomorphic Global Warming? Seriously, folks, there is NOT a bigger farce in existence right now and the MORON'S computer models just get sillier.

The most fun that I have with Libtards is the fact that they always like to call me a Nazi, racist, or hater, even though Nazis are Socialists like them, the Klan has always been on their side, and hate is always from the Left. The reason for this is that the Morons do not like factual anything. This is what they are about.

The only intelligent thing that I have ever seen from our Idiot President is that he seriously searched for someone MORE STUPID than him for Vice President. Oddly, Doddering Joe Gaffetastic is STILL NOT as stupid as Obama. Seriously.

When the Democrat Party has a Klan Kleagle as its longest serving Senator, why NOT have a murderer as the Second Longest Serving? Is Teddy going to completely escape justice? WELL, NOT IN HELL. More on the murdering Kennedy.

In case you are looking to make an investment that shall become increasingly the sign of the times of the Obama Fail, try speculation in California IOUs. Someone should look into creating a market for the futures of United States IOUs, because Obama is doing the exact same things that Moronifornia has done. FUCK YOU HISTORY!!!

By the way, Walter Cronkite is fucking dead. I remember him reporting on Vietnam and showing his seething hatred for our country way back when I was a kid. Walter, say "Hello" to your suck buddies, John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson when YOU get to Hell.

By the way, Janeane Garofalo is the smartest person on the Left. This means that she is ALMOST an imbecile.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Good job.~ @HareStew

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

Off Topic:

The caption to a photograph on the July 18 Free for All page said that President Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy were getting in place to be photographed, with a woman to the left. It should have made clear that, according to videotapes of the event, Mr. Obama was not looking at the woman, as a letter writer said that it appeared.

Washington Post

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks OSO, but I have seen the ABC video that is available, it starts more than two seconds after the photograph was taken. Sorry, we do not cover for a pedophile at this blog. Obviously, the Washington Post does, but they ceased to be concerned about the facts of anything that surrounds the Party of Criminals, the Democrats, years ago.

Barry is clearly visually molesting a child in the photo, despite how they clipped the ABC footage.

Paul Mitchell said...

Oh, and thanks for the comment, @HareStew. Thanks much for stopping by.

Andy said...

Paul, little known FACT. Kennedy drove off the bridge because he was rushing to play naked Twister with Helen Thomas.

Did you see the photo I posted? They would make a lovely couple.

Andy said...

Oh, BTW, that article from Right Wing News reports 32,000 American scientists are "AGW - negative." (those are the ones willing to sign a letter...there must be many more not ballsy enough)

When I saw OSO's comment, it reminded me that I'm still waiting for him to back up his comment that 95% of scientists that study the subject "agree" that mankind is screwing itself. I don't have a calculator handy, but there must be one heckuvalot of climate scientists if 32,000 is just 5% of them.

I'm still waiting OSO.

Paul Mitchell said...

No, OSO's point is true, all scientists that are paid directly by the government do believe in glowbull warming. Of course, they have never contributed one single thing to the science or climatology fields.

And shame on you for pimping that photo of Fat Ted Tumor Head Kennedy. (This name was stolen from David Drake, btw.)

Andy said...

Sorry Paul...I'm a miserable photo pimp. Sue me. Dang, David might have just passed you up in Meaniness. (is that a word?)

Skunkfeathers said...

Playing Naked Twister with Helen Thomas? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...may that image vaporize long before I have to try and sleep again...if I have a nightmare about that, it's Andy's fault ;)

Human-caused global warming is a fraud, period. Climate change is cylical, and is driven by solar and geologic influences. That's why AlGore won't, and will never, in public, debate a learned expert on the subject. The proof's in the evasion.

Paul Mitchell said...

Seriously, Andy, you know you laughed when you read Fat Ted Tumor Head Kennedy, so welcome to the Mean People's Club.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunkfeathers, IGNORE those kinds of references to Helen Thomas, please. Just let them DIE.

Andy said...

Yeah,I laughed at it. Sigh. But I think his bigger problem is that bean-bag-chair that got sucked up his butt and stuck.

ChristinaJade said...

Ya'll have all lost yer dang minds. You three. You know who you are. Naked twister with Helen and Ted and beanbag suckage? See what happens when I am gone for a day? gheesh. (ok I admit it, ya'll made me giggle. heh) ;)

SRSLY, Garofalo is a freakin' nutcase. I would like to invite her to stay with me for a month on my Great-Uncle's farm. Y'know all those movies where the city slickers have to learn farm chores and all? Just like that. Shoveling manure and sloppin' hogs. Heck, I'd even get out my overalls and go around shooting at random buckets and shit just to see if liberals really do cry out "gun control!!!!" in their sleep. Honestly, I don't think she would make it past morning prayer at the breakfast table. She'd just burst into flames.

Wait, was that mean? Sorry.

Paul Mitchell said...

Little piece of info on the Kennedy clan and Camelot. John F. had dandruff so bad that he could not wear black suits. It was like a winter storm wherever he was. And that is gross to the nth degree.

CJ, I have never seen anything with Garofalo in it, can you point me to something that I could watch to figure out why anyone would ever consider her to speak on any topic?

Joubert said...

Thanks for the link, Paul.

I have see one movie with Garofalo in it. I can't remember the name and can't be bothered to look it up. But she was funny and seemed to be a bit of a ditz - and then she started talking about politics and confirmed that she is.

ChristinaJade said...

Paul, the one thing I remember her being in was "Reality Bites" - a movie I admit I have on VHS somewhere. Haven't watched it since round 2 of my college years, but it seems like they were trying to create a new brat pack type movie and it ended up being a one-hit wonder.

I don't think it would validate her as a speaker. Really. She attempted to maneuvere herself into that position with some sort of failed anti-war liberal radio show.

ChristinaJade said...

jeez - typos up there. MY BAD

Paul Mitchell said...

The tattoos rotted her brain. Know your inker.

Andy said...

Paul, there was that film about the two chicks that went back to their high school reunion...can't remember the name (Romy something...maybe). Pam rented it, and I had nothing better to do, so I watched it.

Garofalo was pretty danged funny in that. She played the girl that nobody wanted to be around in high school, and came back to the reunion to prove that they were right.

She was very convincing. It's called "type-casting," I think.