Thursday, July 23, 2009

Uh, He's the SMARTEST President Ever!

I am really beginning to think that this Barry guy is a terrible person that is sandpoundingly dumb. Really, his grasp of reality is so far removed from the real world that it is like watching a kitten try to understand the intricacies of nuclear physics.

We all know there are no intelligent folks left that think Barry is NOT a simpering imbecile.

Anyhoo, the fourth episode of 'Barry's Friends' came on last night and was titled, "How to Crush Medicine and Destroy Lives: Killing Old and Poor People." Just so you know, the SITCOM was not limited to just trying to kill as many people as possible, but it also took a walk on the RACIST SIDE when Barry said that the police officer that arrested the IDIOT Harvard professor was STUPID. Why does Barry hate white people so much? I mean ALLEGEDLY he is half white and was always raised by his white family. Of course, since we have very little factual information about Barry, we can only go on the published words from whomever wrote his books.

SO, the bill that Barry commandeered the airways to PIMP was the appropriately named QAHCAA. Say it. The acronym means "Quality, Affordable Health Coverage for All Americans." [Insert appropriate reference to a steaming pile of dogshit right here.]

Now, since none of us are morons that worship at the Altar of Fail, we all know that we do not want a any MORE government involvement in our medical business. Especially a bill that includes these little TIDBITS.

Folks, the bill could be worse, but NOT MUCH. Let's just ignore it, okay? Because we are the kind of folks that just roll over and take it when the government rolls in and takes over everything. That is the AMERICAN WAY! Wait, no scratch that, reverse it, and then BURN DOWN THE SWITCHBOARD!!!!!

Ann Coulter chimes in on the 'healthcare' takeover by the imbeciles.

I am really FEELING this "Death with Dignity" thingy. The last time that I went to the doctor, I was sitting in the waiting room thinking to myself, the one thing that is missing from this experience of anticipation of what amounts to basically a stranger sticking their fingers in my ass and juggling my nuts is MORE FUCKING LAWYERS AND BUREAUCRATS!!! (I really do appreciate the staging of the examination, though. Checking your throat BEFORE checking your ass is probably the natural order, well unless you are into that kind of thing, you sick fucking DEMOCRAT.)

Oddly enough, the Monarchy of England Barrystupidville is having a little problem with those pesky plebeians in the colonies. It seems that the COLONIAL doctors are kinda telling the KINGSHIP that they are against BarryFAILcare.

And folks, when you think about who is going to be running the Gummint Doctoring show, just take a gander at this Ghettofantabulous IDIOT that Barry has picked for Surgeon General. As far as I can tell, her entire claim to fame is centered around her ENTIRE FAMILY dying from preventable illnesses and receiving a MacArthur Grant. By the way, Sambo Mockbee, the director of the Rural Design Studio at The Barn's (Auburn) School of Architecture received a MacArthur Grant, too. Sambo was by definition, AN IDIOT. I make this determination from actually having a conversation with him regarding building houses out of CARDBOARD. He was PRO, I was CON.

I cannot wait until the Statist Doctoring Legislative Body runs up against something like this. Who is the BIGGEST VICTIM in this scenario? (Just know, I have a Google Alert for "Torn Genitals." It is ALWAYS cringe worthy.)

Now, how exactly will the FAILBOAT Administration push through this Intended Killing of People Bill? Well, they will send Congresscritters home for the August break without the economic data that is usually released in July. That is unless the idiots decide to ram it through before the break, which is HIGHLY possible.

Watch this, you sheeple and send it to all your WoW friends, too!

Please continue to sound the alarm that Democrats and all that back them are MORONS and have only bad answers to easily solved problems.

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ChristinaJade said...

Kittens study the laws of motion with balls of yarn, therefore making them infinitely more intelligent than our current POTUS.

QAHCAA pronounced reminds me of a conversation about names I had with a certain individual the other night, now who could that be???? Hmmmm....

Lastly, houses from cardboard is ALMOST as ignorant as the RIVETING health care novel. I'm on page 612. Remind me again WHY I am doing this to myself? The thing is WORSE than the freaking stimulus bill in boringness. At least that thing had STORIES.