Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Daily Update - For Today, No Today

Well, Clanium sent me the link to the DBT show and the recording doesn't suck too bad, but folks, here's a little etiquette lesson: STFU at the rock show. If you and Sally Sue gotta get to talking about your toenails, head to the friggin' car, PLEASE?

Cooley stunk it up on Zip City, but Love Like This is probably the best live version of the song I have heard. HERE's the whole show for download. Not their best work, though.

I just got through listening to the rock show that I went to in 2004, much better quality recording, plus Jason Isbell! Yeah, it was better, too bad I have no recollection of even being there past the point of dropping the beer on folks that I was meeting. I blame Clanium for letting me get that drunk. Loser friends! Of course, that was less than four months after Carla died, too. So, there is my excuse, huh?

By the way, just over twenty-three days left until GLORY! And whomever gets to play The Gates gotta deal with THIS PERFECTLY TERRIFYING LOOKING "HUMAN." Dang, dang, dang.

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