Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Obama Failboat Implosion Continues

I am beginning to look for the New Moron President to just be missing one morning from the White House. I am pretty sure that he shall just wander away (sans pants) while looking for something. Seriously, I knew this dude was an idiot, but I thought that there must be a limit to his stupidity. BOY! Was I ever wrong. Barry makes The McCainiac look like a rocket surgeon. I am sure glad that we dodged that bullet for the Republican Party.

Even Jimmy Carter was not this feckless and disorganized with a cabinet chock full of blithering 'Tards. You look across the lineup for Barry's cabinet and you see no one but people that have been utter failures for their entire lives. You would think that the only requirement for grabbing you a position in this administration would have been to flunk out of divinity school, but I guess Barry's gigs don't pay as well as bilking a bunch of patchouli smelling hippies out of their parent's money. Que sera!

With the government takeover of private insurance to provide the determined outcome of destroying the medical services industry, Barry has hit the tour circuit pimping his (continually proven to fail) plan of killing poor, old, and young people. I can't really remember why he decided that he wanted everyone dead, but dang if he isn't balls to the wall for DEATH. Of course, maybe some of y'all do want medical services that rival the services of the POST OFFICE!!! Really, Barry? Are you seriously THAT FRIGGING STUPID?

Oh, I forgot to throw it in, BARRY IS HALF-BLACK!!! I do not know anyone that voted against Barry because he was Halfrican, but I know plenty of folks that voted for his Black half. You know, NO ONE could possibly oppose Barry because his ideology is astoundingly stupid and has never, ever worked at any time in the past. It HAS to be because of his DARK deddy. You know, the deddy that abandoned him at age two and only saw him one other time in his miserable life. Gotta be that dark person.

And you know what else? SOCIALIST MEANS BLACK!!! Does anyone in the Party of the Morons realize why everyone that works HATES them? It is because they are too stupid to formulate a cogent thought on anything.

Or maybe everyone hates Democrats because they are criminals, liars, thieves, and contribute nothing to society in general. OH HELLS NAW! We hate morons because we are racist against MORONS!!!

Treacher needs the opportunity to ask Nancy Pelosi some questions. Someone needs to pick up where the Barrystream Media left off. You know, that point when they stopped reporting NEWS.

Oh, Hillary went batshit crazy on a BLACK COLLEGE KID!!! That black racist!!!

Andy has Pelosi wallpaper. We already NOED he was nuts.

By the way, I support Photo ID when and if I want it, in particular circumstances, but NOT TO VOTE. Again, first hand proof there is no such thing as an intelligent Democrat. Doesn't exist.

And the pedophile kindergarten teacher that did not really work, but lied about Sarah Palin, and lurves Barry......uh, kinda lost where I was going with that point. Oh, yeah, he sucks. HARD.

Good bankers exist

Google ups its game. You know that I (heart) Google.

Most of y'all enjoy The Mayor's themed week posts. DO NOT CLICK THIS. You OUTLAW!!

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ChristinaJade said...

Why do I never hear a conservative person say a DAMN THING about the color of Barry's skin, but EVERY LIBERAL IN THE WORLD makes a big deal out of it?

Am I missing something or does my new favorite word (FUCKTARDED) come into play?

Skunkfeathers said...

Why is it, do ya think, that every liberal since Slick Willie, thinks they can LIE with impunity?

I guess 'cuz voters let 'em.

2010...the tide can begin to turn!

stilettoGOP said...

Hey there. Saw your site for the first time last night. Been reading for hours catching up some. (boss has the day off, also known as internet and candy day)

Your shit is the BOMB.

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, stilettoGOP, enjoy your momentary self-employment and personal internet policing!