Monday, August 31, 2009

Drive-by Blogging - Linkdump

Busy as Hell today. So many things to take of and not enough time in the day. I simply must be ready for Thursday, you know?


Superman channels Obama.

Keith Olbermann, the fired Four Letter dumbass, LIES about the Dead Kennedys.

WOW! An entire Iraqi air force was found in Serbia? Wonder if there were some WMDs? Wonder if the Russians have a clue on where the WMDs are? Wonder if they could be persuaded to cough up that information? Wonder why the CIA all of the sudden is under fire from the Obamoron Administration? Any answers?

Maybe the answers are here with concern to WAR. Or not.

David Brooks is CONSERVATIVE? So is John McCain, then.

Which ideology is the violent one, again?

G_d is gonna get you.

Toys for little WHORE girls. No, not Harry Reid.

Victor David Hanson on Obamanomics
. Read it.

Drake chimes in on the bank failure count
. I think these must be those 'green shoots' everyone keeps talking about.

The Fed is monetizing the debt. This is B-A-D and again, they are lying about it.

When even CNN sees through your lying, you are very, very stupid.

The morning market update from Not Tucker Carlson. DJIA is down -68.70 right now, by the way.

The President's approval rating is inextricably tied to the market, too. If you do not want Barry to FAIL, you hate PROFIT.

Luckily, things are looking up for PROFIT. Obama is barely above the approval rating for W. Bushitler at the END of his reign of terror.

Right Girl, she that refers to me in the most affectionate terms imaginable, has Brass Balls Radio 64 - The Dead Kennedys edition ready to roll. Get it, listen, experience joy.

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Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, you are probably sitting at home watching your "Best of Keith Olbermann" dvds, right now.

Skunkfeathers said...

A "Best of Keith Olbermann" DVD would take 5 seconds...unless it's his most monumental dumbass comments of all time....then it's a perpetual DVD...