Monday, August 31, 2009

The Warmth of Family

This is my cousin, Matthew. Matthew is a big-time basketball corch for the University of Kentucky Lady Wildcats. I have not laid eyes on the boy in YEARS, but at the time when we were both going through some low times in our life, Matt bunked at my house.

Matt was actually present the first time that I ever kissed Carla, so there is that.

Anyhoo, he finally added me on Facebook, and he was one of the very few people that I actually requested as a friend, because I really don't Facebook. I think that I requested that add a month or so ago. I had forgotten about it, entirely.

I went and checked out his photos thinking that he would have some photos of his daughter that was very small the last time I saw her, and found this GOLDMINE. (Seriously, I cannot look away from the comment from Danny, I have laughed non-stop at that for HOURS.)

*Click it to see how we roll.*

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ChristinaJade said...

So, are you saying the ghey thing runs in the family? ;)

Paul Mitchell said...

Nawp, it just seems that we surround ourselves with people that utterly abuse the shit outta us. And it is good.

ChristinaJade said...

Ah, self-loathing. Let's blame Obama.

Andy said...

Yeah well...Right after I started looking at your blog, you wrote something like, "my cousin corches wimmen at Kentucky that and wins you a prize!"

So, I faithfully goobled it and found the said b-ball corches name, reported it back to you in the comments and axed for my prize.

You ignored me one, twice, three times a lady. Yet, I persist... I'm still waiting on my prize, Two Dogs.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, your prize was for me to make sure that you never had to cut grass anymore, then you went and got God involved.

Andy said...

The mystery is solved. I'll call off the curse...

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