Friday, August 28, 2009

Final Week to College Gameday

If you check the countdown timer, you shall see that we have six days remaining. SIX WHOLE DAYS!!! I swear I cannot wait six days, I am spending today watching old You Tubes of last year's games. Oddly, I cannot find a single video of any PAC-10 games. I am beginning to believe that the PAC-10 does not even exist. You know how dishonest and irresponsible the national media is, maybe sports media is no different!


There are only 1241 more days of Barry Obama's presidential clusterf*ck. Get that countdown widget HERE. (Hat-Tip: The Imaginary Mother of my non-existent children and hottest MILF to ever exist.)

While reading the news this morning, I could not help seeing more of the Teddy Kennedy fluffing and it has jumped into the realm of the asinine. Yes, even more than yesterday. HuffPo says that Mary Jo Kopechne would have willingly given her life so Teddy could continue Camelot. The money shot of this article for me was the idiot that wrote it actually opinined on what Teddy actually thought of killing Mary Jo. Conveniently enough, with the WebbyWorldNets, we actually know that Teddy found great humor in Kopechne's death. This is audio of one of Teddy's best FRIENDS talking about how funny Teddy thought Chappaquiddick was. Seriously, WTF?

Mercifully, this was the only circumstance where Teddy showed less than stellar judgment. Wait! You mean he actually body-slammed a waitress on a table, too? I wonder how many other Congressional Medal of Honor recipients (correction: Presidential Medal of Freedom [Hat-Tip: MUD])can claim screwing a lobbyist in a cloakroom on their resume? Before the next 1241 days have elapsed, I envision the New Moron President awarding a Congressional Medal of Honor to Osama Bin Laden.

Please keep in mind, that any Democrat that receives a CMoH is a criminal already because they are a Democrat. Just saying.

But, when Pete Stark is one of your club members, intelligence cannot be a part of any corner of the group. Check out Pete's "controversial" statements on Wiki. You might remember that Pete Stark is the idiot Democrat (redundant) from California (doubly redundant) that actually tried to file homestead exemption in Maryland.

Grassroots rise up against Obamoron Controlled Thuggish Folks. Why do none of the tactics that Obama uses to strong arm people into submission NOT surprise me? Oh yeah, that whole "He's a Democrat from Chicago" thingy. Never forget that Barry is minimally one million times more white than black. NEVER FORGET and TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS, too.

There is at least one anti-idiotarian on Capitol Hill. (Hat-Tip: (Dead) Tommy 5)

My battery in my laptop, that is not yet two years old, has decided to shoot its last wad. Instead of replacing the battery, I have decided to purchase one of these laptops instead. Three grand? Dang, my FIRST laptop was more than that, you know? My second was almost twice that much, too.


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MUD said...

Everyone needs to be sure they understand the difference between the Congressional Medal of Honor and the Congressional Medal of Freedom. First of all you do have to be in the military and be awarded the MOH for actions above and beyond. Since the War on terrorism has started after 9/11, not one living person has been awarded the MOH. All of the awardees were killed in their actions to be awarded the Medal. The Congression Medal of Freedom is awarded to non military peop;e that someone wants to award for being a great guy.
Kennedy was caught cheating and throrn out of Harvard. He was drafted and when they found out that he was such a liar they threw him out of Military Intelligence training. He wound up in the MP Corps in Europe and after three years came out a PFC. It is almost impossible to not get promoted to Corporal unless you get busted a time or two in three years. Hell, I know guys that made it to Sgt in that time. Ted Kennedy is being buried in Arlington only because his brothers were killed in their service to the Country as Senators and the President. All three were not worthy of the honor but someone got them buried there.

Paul Mitchell said...

MUD, thanks for the clarification on Kennedy's Medal of Freedom. Oddly, I found one million links that referred to his medal as The Congressional Medal of Honor and only one that referred to it as the US Presidential Medal of Freedom. Even more strange is that was from a foreign source. Pam's article that I linked does refer to it as the MoF in the body text.

From the rest of your comment, you appear to NOT be a Teddy fan. What gives? He was the last arm of Camelot, until Barry got elevated by Chris Matthews.

Skunkfeathers said...

The HuffPO is flushed out by the biggest collection of tofu-chewing moronic dumbasses the Left has ever managed to assemble at a meth lab convention.

May Teddy burn in Hell, and Mary Jo get the privilege of throwing a gas ball from Heaven to Hell, to light his ass up.

Andy said...

Two Dogs, I. WANT. ME. THAT. WIDGET! I have the lame Gooble countdown deal on the sidebar...which will soon go the way of the 8 track player, just as soon as I go grab that bad-boy.

Pete Stark attended MIT, and UC Berkeley, and is quite possibly the oddest bird (surpassing Ron Paul, and Maxine Watters) ever to serve in Congress. I heard today that the big Toyota plant (which I think is in his district) is shutting down today and moving operations to Canada and Japland. 4500 more of his UAW constituents bite the unemployment dust. Nyuk!

The only good Kennedy is a dead Kennedy. Teddy has officially earned the "good" medal.

BTW: Have a happy "Katrina Day" tomorrow! Go loot a liquor store, or stand on a bridge, or stand in front of a TV camera with your hand out...whatever works for celebration.

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