Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Seven Month Two Day Trainwreck Continues

Here it is in a nutshell, at no point in my entire life have I relied on government to feed, clothe, shelter, or transport me. I have never gone to the mailbox with any idea that there would be a government check waiting there for me. I have never filed for unemployment, I have never asked for food stamps, never asked for any government handout of any kind.

There have been plenty of times in the past where I was eligible and as a matter of fact, I was shooting to pick up Earned Income Tax Credit last year. FAIL.

I have never had a nanny, never had a maid, never had a yard boy, pool boy, cabana boy, the list is endless what I have never had.

I do NOT want government controlled medical service, EVER. I do not want to have to go to a bureaucrat to find out if I can get the new anti-Viagra. I do not want to have to ask someone other than my physician if I should start taking pills to stop or minimize the voices. I do not want to have to call my federal commissioner to find out if I can get a doctor to shove her hand up my ass. And conversely, I do not want a government agent to call me at home, during supper no doubt, and inform me that it is time to go get a human hand shoved up my ass.

Quite simply, I refuse to do that. If the almighty federal government wants to take my money to pay for someone else to get FREE shit, I shall stop making money entirely. I shall throw my hands up in disgust and call it a day. I shall make arrangements to handle my taxes on my property and my money/wealth shall vanish.

It has been many, many years since government actually performed their constitutional duties. There is a way to force them to do just that.

Monday morning, go into the bookkeeper's office and change your withholding. Seriously, claim fifty dependents and yourself. It will take ONE MONTH to force the fed to understand that we shall NEVER put up with this shit and start their literal crawfishing.

Call everyone that you know and convince them to do the same. STARVE THE MOTHER FUCKERS. They cannot survive without your money. Take the additional money and send it to a non-profit that supports our military. Do not spend it for a single consumable good at all. Take that money out of the damn loop so the fed gets NOTHING. Within two months of this national initiative, the fed will be so economically upside-down they will be unable to do anything but capitulate or bring out the guns. Either way, our side gets more supporters. We are RIGHT.

And since we are supporting the military with our own money while doing this, maybe Obama's return to the Clinton Era policy of attempting to talk our veterans into DYING might be another failure of Barry's.

Tier two, if you work for the federal government, use up all of your leave. Quit going to work. Just stop. They cannot do any more damage if there is no one there to enforce their directives. Do you honestly think that our elected representatives actually DO anything? Hell to the Naws, they have you fed employees to do the actual work of running things, while they sit around drinking single malt for lunch.

Even IRS auditors are doing what they are mandated to do by those idiots on Capitol Hill. Let's end it. Let's take our country back from the deadbeats and FORCE those imbeciles that cannot even deliver the friggin' mail to listen to WE THE PEOPLE.

Those elected to SERVE do so at our request. Withdraw the request, inundate your representatives with your thoughts, your desires for FREEDOM FROM GOVERNMENT, and your ideology. Burn down the phone lines. They are on their way back shortly, let's be ready to stand on their throats until they know beyond any doubt, that WE are the engine that drives this country.

If the DC elected officials want to provide medical services for illegals, deadbeats, and people that would rather spend their own money on rims and tattoos, let those representatives spend the money to do that OUT OF THEIR POCKETS, not from ours.

Do you want to know what set me off about this medical services issue tonight? The Obamoron Administration is spending TAX MONEY to hire lefty organizations to SPAM the country to increase backing for FAILCARE. And the worst part about it is that THEY ARE LYING.

Come on, y'all gotta be shitting ME!!! Are you serious? The PEOPLE are up in arms to tell you NOT to do something and you take even MORE TAX MONEY to send propaganda out promoting the ideology that the PEOPLE do not want? How fucked up is that, you friggin' morons in the White House? Is there a single one of you idiots on the president's staff that is not fucking fucktarded?

Can y'all please take a short glimpse at what you are doing to this country? You have GUTTED the job market. DESTROYED IT. Not only that, you are actively attempting to remove employment for more and more people. The AP had an article in today's local dog trainer about layoffs falling in JULY, but oddly, mass layoffs in manufacturing INCREASED by 81%. How can they BE MORE WRONG?

You want to see something even more FUNNY? They were WRONG on the deficit. That makes the Fed's track record a perfect 100% WRONGNESS. Who in their right mind would think that this retarded band of halfwits can do anything without record-setting failures? Drake has more on this failure to carry the friggin' ONE!!!!

Look, I am not blaming Obama totally, because he cannot even tie his friggin' shoes, that is why he married Cameltoe Armbot, so he/she/WTF? could do it for him.

What more could the most corrupt Congress in history do to make their FAILED programs stay afloat for another minute? What about CONFISCATE state pension funds to buy some toothpicks to prop up Social Insecurity for another minute? Is everyone going to just sit idly by and watch THIS shit happen?

Seriously, this continuous, non-stop barrage of bullshit is unbelievable. Did you ever think that we would ever reach a point where the thought of a federal government overthrowing and subsequent tarring and feathering of elected officials was seriously beginning to look necessary?

Someone PUH-LEEZE tell me who exactly these douchebags on Capitol Hill are representing? Because it sure as Hell ain't me.

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Paul Mitchell said...

Not too late, it is still 2009 in my time zone.

Oh, sorry about the F-Bombs, I was pissed and could not find my Inside Voice Filter.

ChristinaJade said...

Dang, I did it too. It's a good thing I don't speak like I type. Well, all the time anyway. oops.

Anonymous said...

Great post! It's unbelieveable what this pack of idiots (Congress and The Bamtard) are trying to do to this country.

Glad to see the right is rising up and pushing back.

Paul Mitchell said...

Oh, "The Bamtard" is MINE, all mine!!!! Thanks, Anon.

Unknown said...

i heart the word fucktard. use it. use it often.

Paul Mitchell said...

Nickie, I heart when people say that they heart something. It is almost as cute as a curtsy.

Nickie said...

i heart the word fucktard. use it. use it often.