Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Facebook Shocker Tonight

One of my friends posted this on Facebook tonight.

*Click it to see it BIG, yo.*

You can imagine that I was immediately skeptical of MY OWN death. Plus, the added thingy from Kitty about "He always tried to make others feel better" kinda threw me off. Kitty is the type of person that would never say a cross word about anyone, though. Let's be honest, I have never tried to make a single soul feel better about anything. Well, unless it was me.

The first comment was from yet another friend of mine that is a big, tough copper type, too. He went all weak-kneed. What a big baby!!! But, I am touched.

The fun part? Kitty and I actually have SIX mutual friends and my phone HAS NOT RUNG ONCE since she posted this!!!! Dang. Just dang.

Anyhoo, the Paul Mitchell that passed away is from an area of the state where I have extended family, so hit your knees for the GOOD Paul Mitchell's family.

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ChristinaJade said...

Dude, if they thought you were dead, why the hell would they CALL you? Like you would answer? Just sayin'... :)

ChristinaJade said...

Ok, srsly, a) glad yer NOT dead and b) sending prayers to that family.

Paul Mitchell said...

Remember, TRUST but VERIFY.

Skunkfeathers said...

There's FB for ya. You're dead, I'm engaged. What's next...we're presided over by Hugo Chavez?

Andy said...

Yeah Paul, I was thinking the same thing that CJ said. I mean, they might try to call your Momma or your friends or something...but I don't think they'd know where to get a hold of you if you were dead.

Man, I feel sorry for that GOOD Paul Mitchell. He's gonna miss football season.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunky, I ain't dead. Fah reals.

Andy, I am guessing that since he was the GOOD Paul Mitchell, he is gonna be able to get fifty yard line seats for any game he wants to see. Because, I mean, he's good and good folks go to Heaven. Heaven is allegedly better than we can possibly imagine, so maybe he will have sideline passes. Damn, now I wish I were DEAD.

classicaliberal said...

If you really do kick off, I want your mullet!

Paul Mitchell said...

Gotcha in the will, CL. My scalp is yours, along with the mullet lettuce.

The Mayor said...

Someone said the same thing about me once. Turns out they were talking about my blog.


Paul Mitchell said...

Mayor, you should be getting all kinds of hits from Facebook. I am trying to pretend that your blog is my own.