Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Shirtless Posting

It is official, I shall never wear another shirt except the one my buddy Flip is wearing. Until I own this shirt, I shall go through life topless. Dang, I am going to get so dark, too! I am going to look like a n....ative!

The weather in The 'Sip is SICK, folks! We are experiencing a record setting COLD wave. Wait, it is heat wave, right? So, cold SNAP. I am guessing that there might not be too much to this Anthropomorphic Global Warming. Oddly, Greenpeace agrees with me.

And when we have this fall weather, you know what. Skunkfeathers gives you more.

Every flight I have been on has ended pretty much this way that is IF! I am not on a plane headed to The Colicky Baby Convention, loaded with participants.

Six MORE toes.

Chicks, sports, sammiches, FAIL.

An explanation to architect's consultants. Damn good one, too.

Gambling with your Twittah followers, because isn't that REALLY what they are there for?

The Google releases MUSIC SEARCH!!!! YESssssssss! Google Listen.

Would Sarah Palin ummm, maybe, well, you know, have sex with YOU? (Not after she met me and YES, she totally wants to bang me.)

When you get out of bed from Sarah, notice that Barry's numbers are STILL falling like a rock. Seriously, WORST. PRESIDENT. EVAH. Proven by actual MATH. If you are an Obamabot that is suffering buyer's remorse, there is hope for you yet, SIGN UP.

Classicaliberal tackles the guns and protests topic. Since I am no longer wearing a shirt, concealed carry is kinda hard for me.

The Clintons chosen homeland is getting richer.

Finally got this Blank Canvas to work properly. If you are using one or more G-Mail accounts, load this Bad Boy. Well, unless you are using MacApple.

Ayn Rand's two greatest character speeches, in one place.

Crowder and Zo. The New Brat Pack.

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Andy said...

Paul, I have known for years that we are heading into new "mini ice age," if not the full-blown deal.

That's one reason I moved back south from way up there...

I have never been on a flight where folks got nekkid. But I have been on that colicky-baby convention flight. Those airsick bags work real good when used like a face maks on them little wigglers.

Amazingly, Sarah Palin would not have sex with me. I think it had something to do with the shooting poor, defenseless animals from the helicopter question. Or maybe the thing about "cuddling." Not sure.'s okay. I wouldn't have sex with that skag anyway!

She is a married woman, and I am much too honorable to take advantage of her swooning "warm for my form-ness."

Michelle does have 6 toes.


Finally, your buddy Flip can do the entire world of central Mississippi a favor by just giving you his shirt. I'm sure you're fond of it...but puleez reconsider the shirtless deal. Or not.

ChristinaJade said...

I took the TheSarah test, and yeah, she's all hot fer me and stuff. She even sent me an obviously-not-photoshopped (HA) sexi photo when I finished the quiz! WIN-WIN!

Kentucky is FREEZING right now, haven't had to have the air on in in days. This time last year? Heat index of over 100 daily. Going by the facts and stuff, I can plan on seeing an increase in the number of icestorms like we had here last winter. This does NOT make me happy.

Neither does the fact that Michelle has 6 toes.

However, Crowder and Zo DO make me happy.

classicaliberal said...

Thanks for the linky luv!

Firefox Gmail Signature is teh awesome!

Oh how I long to be accosted by a nekkid flight attendant. What do you mean it was a passenger?! What do you mean it was a MAN?!??!?!

Jemele needs to be hit upside the head with a tube sock full of 'D' Cells.

Zo dances like a white guy


Skunkfeathers said...


Whilst Barry's poll numbers drop into the outhouse pit -- along with his Daily Kos/ fans -- his hellthcare plan gets all wee wee'd Barry's ineptness and dishonesty, and Bela Pelosi's absolute marxist arrogance.

I'd say they're doing a great job of building a House of Voter Remorse.

ChristinaJade said...

Oh, and HERE, Paul. See if they offer it in a sweatshirt so you will be appropriately dressed for the ice age.