Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yeah, Changed my Mind AGAIN

Since I thought that I could never accomplish anything more with this here blarg after clawing my way to the top of The Google search for "Gavin DeGraw penis," I seriously fretted over just throwing the keys to this place away.

UNTIL I SAW THIS. Go read it. I'll be right here.

Kinda unnerving, huh? But, do you want to know how demented my brain is? The first thing that I thought about while reading that, was THIS GUY.

Come to find out, I am not the only one that thought that, too.

My second thought was kinda like THIS.

As I grow older and hopefully more wise, my thoughts are never just surface scratchers, I sometimes lie awake for hours just reflecting on things and sometimes I resolve a situation or two. My problem? Dammit, I just love everything about everything. I simply cannot disconnect enough to NOT care.

I got a comment on a Facebook post that asked, "Why are you so negative?" After a cursory glance, I can say unequivocally, that I am the exact opposite of that. Even this title of this Height of Mediocrity™ blog is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the way others view me. It is certainly NOT the way that I view myself.

Do I see the difficulties facing us every single day? Why, of course I do and I point them out with regularity. The folks that label themselves "Progressives" are quite possibly the biggest drag on society in general. I mean really, ANOTHER Woodstock movie? Progressive? Do you realize that band jam was held August 15-18, 1969? FORTY FRIGGIN' YEARS AGO. That was the PINNACLE of the ideology of Progressives and they return to that as if it were their Hajj.

When your ideology centers around getting together to get beachfront property stoned, sexed up, and muddy as Hell, maybe you need to rethink your ideology. But, they got together to allegedly advocate for PEACE, LOVE, and WORLD HARMONY. Ignore the fact that is kinda hard to accomplish when you are stoned outta your gourd. Rational thought becomes kinda difficult when you are trashed.

All that said, Woodstock did NOT end the Vietnam War. If you would like to assign an accomplishment to those days of hippie free-love and stonerism, you can say that it launched a generation of sexual deviants that eschewed the decency of history, gave us a moral equivalence that promoted and enabled the spread of AIDS and other STDs, unraveled years of increasing family harmony, lowered the intelligence barre, and basically returned us to the aesthetic of the CAVEMAN. WOW! What a weird love connection, huh?

By the way, YES! I did lurve the music, but dammit, that was forty years ago. Do you realize that there have been a couple of good albums released since Woodstock, Hippie? Just for a reference for you younger folks, AEROSMITH had not cut their first album and dang, those guys are your GRANDPARENTS!

Do you want to know the really, really funny part about the Woodstock festival? It was a MONEY MAKING VENTURE to finance the building of a recording studio!!! EVIL CORPORATE CAPITALISM!!! But, as all Progressive ideas end in utter calamity, Woodstock followed the only path of all of those ideas, it was an utter and total FAILURE. By the way, try to find ONE single Progressive idea and subsequent methodology that has led to success. (I'll die from old age, my kid shall die from old age, his kids, which have yet to be born yet, shall die from old age while you search.)

Read the whole damn Wiki.

Now, can we agree to let Woodstock die the hideous, shuddering, brutal, blood-letting death that it so rightfully deserves? Let's focus instead on the next Woodstock, Jubilee Jam. (Yes, it has been an utter failure, too, because it is following the same ideology.)

By the way, this guy's parents had not even hit puberty and had probably never met when Woodstock was ten years in the past. Music certainly has come a long way in FORTY FRIGGIN' YEARS!

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Andy said...

Kid's got a set of pipes for sure.

I was about 10 years old when Woodstock took place. For some reason, the national news decided to cover it. My beloved Granddaddy happened to be at our house while the news was on.

He grew up on a hog farm in NC. He looked at what was going on at Woodstock, and said something like, "I've messed with a lot of hogs. And I've known people that wanted to live like hogs. And I've seen some odd things go on between the two."

Skunkfeathers said...

I was 12 during Woodstock. I wasn't impressed then. I'm not now. But it allows me to understand where the greenies and enviromoonbats are trying to take us: back to 1969.

Real "progressive" of them.