Saturday, September 12, 2009

College Gameday - Conference Play Starts!!! (UPDATED!!!)

If you watch College Gameday, chances are good that you will not read this blog more than once. You are not smart enough to understand anything that I write.

Whatever you do, Smart People, do NOT turn on The Four Letter's College Gameday today, because Kirk Herbstreit shall literally be losing his shit on the program, think "Crazy Harry" at Crazy Harry's Auto-Emporium. You see, Kirk was a quarterback for tOSU and he is a BIGTIME tOSU homer. Objectivity? Aw, fuck that. Also, you might want to avoid that uSCCC v. tOSU game entirely, unless you were unfortunate enough to attend college at one of those lesser universities. (You know who you are. And the line is uSCCC -7. I would take that number against tOSU. uSCCC by 20.)

Little known piece of trivia about Kirk is that he went to the 1992 Florida Citrus Bowl and LOST to the Georgia Bulldogs, 21-14. SEC v. Big 10 (11)? Bet the FARM on the SEC team, y'all.

Conference play starts today for my alma mater, We Suck, when they meet The Barn from Auburn, in Auburn. Both teams are UNDEFEATED!!! The line is The Barn -14. Seems about right. The o/u on We Suck turnovers is 16.

Mississippi's Northeast Klanslington University had to take a vacation after last weekend's hard fought battle over the Memphis Tiger, singular. That trip was too long for them to play a game this week. I look for them to move up in the Ole Miss poll to Infinity Plus One Awesomeness. In sane circles, they shall still not crack the Top 25.

The game that I am most interested in today is Howard (+47) v. Rutgers. Next would be Boomer Sooner v. Potato State (+49.5). I am really curious to find out if Troy drives his Trans-Camaro all the way to The Gates today, too. In case you are wondering, YES! Tebow is GAY.

Let College Gameday begin!!!

UPDATE: Just letting you know, TXMarko, we are holding a meeting RIGHT THIS DAMN MINUTE to discuss kicking the Vols out of the SEC. Two years in a row to lose to a PAC-10 team is fucking unacceptable, dude. THE PAC-10!!!!

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Staci said...

Finally, someone spills the truth about Tebow's gheyness.

Paul Mitchell said...

"Hi! Tim! Welcome back to school. What did you do this summer?"

"I circumcised children in third world countries!"

"Oh. Yeah, well, um....GOOD FOR YOU!"

Andy said...

Hey, if I had as many hot chicks throwing themselves at me as Tim does, I might go gay myself!


btw: Don't let Staci fool ya'. If Timbow had signed up to play in Norman, he would now be "Saint Tim, the greatest thing that ever happened to college ball!"

CROOM!!!! is right! I'm still a fan of the guy.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, Timbow is having a less than stellar day. The Gates have only scored 35 in the first half against ONE DUDE that is stuck in the 1970s. And have allowed Troy to score three already. Can you say Troy Blowout?!?!?!

Andy said...

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...I really thought that The Rubbers would show up better against Florida. Shows what I know...

I guess we will not know whether The Gates are as advertised until they play another college team.

Paul Mitchell said...

Troy is kicking ASS!!! Six points!!!

Andy said...

Rutgers is killing Howard 31-0 at the half. Sigh...

My Dentist is a graduate of Howard, and a fine lady who loves her some Howard football...

I hope she gets over this before I need some more teeth drilled out.

Skunkfeathers said... least my other team, Iowa, played well against their state rival. CU got embarrassed by...Toledo???? Holey them!!!

And another LMAO...OSU lost, even if to the condoms of SC.

What happened to Okie State? Houston got game this year?