Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dropping Some Links

One of things that is actually important to me is ranking higher than JFP on BlogNetNews, an accomplishment that has not happened in a couple of months after owning them for a solid damn year. I have come to realize that I have no clue and there is literally no explanation for the ranking system there. I can have a record-setting traffic week and drop out of the Top 20, but still stay at the top of the Conservative blog rankings. Then I can have a week when I rarely post, my hit count falls to nothing and suddenly, I am the number one political blog in Mississippi again. I am tenth this morning. That just makes no sense at all. Nevermind that this is a humor blog.

Also, I always wanted to rank higher than The Clarion Ledger on Twittah and had always maintained a first place or second place ranking in Jackson, swapping places with iEllie, almost daily. Well, it is obvious that the C-L and WJTV have hired Twittah advisors or something, but still I beat out the C-L this morning. But, THIRD blows.

Well, I know that y'all want to know more about me, but we have a job to do since we have neglected it to the nth degree the last two days while watching the World Trade Center posts and then Tea Party and college footbaw stuff yesterday. Seriously, I have not hit a lick at a snake since Thursday except for the meeting with the blue-hairs yesterday. I suck.

In no particular order, I got to get to work, MAIN. Sorry.

A firsthand account of the Trade Center that day.

Evan Sayet on the Muslim attacks on freedom.

Democrats, terrorists, and your money that was squandered on "STIMULUS."

Homeland Security was how Booooosh took away our liberties, but now? 3.4 BILLION.

Barry's 29th delivery of the very same speech on "healthcare." Condensed. Remember, Obama is an idiot.

Obama's speech condensed, again.

Oddly, the AP pulls a Joe Wilson on the Obamoron's speech.

Democrats roll out an idiot to reply to Joe Wilson. Democrat=Idiot.

In case y'all are unaware, the REAL number of people that are uninsured and cannot afford medical services is TWELVE MILLION. This number represents 0.036% of our population. Great Britain's population that is still not covered with their idiotic plan is FOUR PERCENT. Just saying. For Democrats, the facts SUCK.

What does Britain say about cancer patients? Um, FUCK 'em.

Black conservatives, RACISM!!!! Why in the mortal Hell is it a big deal when a SMART black person speaks? Are the only black folks that are supposed to speak in public supposed to be as dumb as the president? Joe Biden is NOT BLACK.

Barry's former employer and political ally, ACORN, kinda turns the prostitutes out in Baltimore. Oh, and in DC, too. Underage, illegal prostitutes? Oh shit yeah, that is COOL with Barry and ACORN!!!

How do we turn back the idiot tide? Well, quit spending ridiculous money on education.

What about a Communist President starting a trade war with his ideological homeland? If we had a president that loved the United States, we would crush China, but.....

How is that housing market doing since Barry pulled us back from the brink of financial ruin? Well, near record high foreclosures!!! Yay! Barry!

Edward is STREET.

Boomer Sooner.

Twittah Sales Force.

Awkward Family Photos.


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Skunkfeathers said...

Olberbutt can't destroy soggy toilet paper, even in his least hallucinagenic dreams. But he's got Chris Matthews to give him a sympathy BJ to boost his spirits, while his rating drop lower than snail spit.

classicaliberal said...

You didn't tell us that you were an entrant on awkward family photos! You look good, no seriously...

ChristinaJade said...

Dude, that 3 part account from the Towers was...I don't have the words. I just don't.

Do you know that feeling when you are almost ready to cry and can't? That's it right now. Thank you for linking that. Everyone should read that...

Paul Mitchell said...

Dang, CL, that does kinda look like the Sexiest Man Alive.

CJ, for you, ma'am.

ChristinaJade said...

Dang, Paul - that does kinda look like you. CREEPY!

And now that the CJ emo moment is over, the look on Crowder-as-Olberbutt's face when he turns to see Zo? CLASSIC! I have a huge crush on both those guys, y'know.

Crowder and Zo - NOT Olberbutt. Beat you to it. :)