Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Alternate Personality, Two Dogs, THINKS

Well, one of them anyway.

There has been a skull-coughing-up about those ACORN "hos" and their knowledge of the tax code. (Yes, "hos" is a racist thing.) Three offices have been busted by normal people that seek to expose the group as a Mugabe-like bullshit factory.

What do I have to say about this? Um, can we get these chicks to file MY FRIGGIN' TAXES?!?!?! Granted, everyone knows they are breaking the law and perpetrating FRAUD, but why do we always jump to the RACIST SIDE OF THINGS? Can't we all just get along? Seriously, if all I have to do to get some tax breaks is import some underage prostitutes from Guatemala or some other third world country, this seems like a small price to pay, well UNLESS you are RACIST against LATINOS.

Here's some more info on the RACIST PIMP and the RACIST WHORE.

Another thing happened at the MTV racist whorefest this weekend. Conway West jumped up on the stage and took the mic from some kid and busted out into "Hello Darling" or some other nonsense. Really, I have no clue what happened and seriously could not care less. BUT!!!! Terry Moron "claimed" that Obama called Conway a "jackass." Seriously, does anyone really believe that happened? You know DAMN WELL it did not. In the days when media really looked to report the news, this would be a lede to make the President dispute Moran's comment. Then the entire conversation would come out. Now, Moron is simply trying to prop up someone that is quickly becoming the WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY. The whole story is bullshit and you friggin' know it. (I might have some of these names wrong or not.)

The 9-12 March on DC. Good Lord! Normal people actually went to DC!

Normal people clean up after themselves. Idiots that feed on the productive are filthy and do not care about what they destroy.

Who gives a shit about how many people showed up? You know that there were more intelligent people in attendance and they cleaned up after themselves.

Wonder what idiots think about the Taxpayer March on DC?

It seems that some folks think that working is more important than organizing. I wish the president felt that way.

I am really curious to know who in the Hell did not know THIS by June of 2008? Really, journalists are stupid. AS FUCK.

Here is what our current administration is giving us. ALL BAD.

On the search engine front, Bing launches visual search. This is not working too well for me, but give them time. Give it a try HERE. You gotta have Silverlight installed.

And Gist has finally launched, too. This appears to have great promise.

Since I am currently GEEKING OUT here, I think that I shall give you an idea of what calculator that I use and you should, too. Firecalc also has a color picker embed. Suh-weet.

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classicaliberal said...

Peebo audio here.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, they lie about everything, that is what they do.

CL, you are on the west coast, so I forgive the fact that you are just now finding that. You are two hours behind me, foo'. Check the Facebook.

Andy said...

Alright Two Dogs, I'm confrused! I do not have The Facebook, but I heard the audio of Obama making his first true statement since assuming office.

Unless it was "doctored," BozO did call Conway a Jackass. So, I'm preplexxed!

And I will say that I am quite proud that 10,000, or 10 bazillion, or something in between showed up in DC. Wish I was there...

Crap...my word verification is "rerap." Crap...

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, you only heard the audio, in the yet to be released video, he is pointing to the Presidential portrait of Ronald Reagan when he said that.

Andy said...

I'm waiting on that one TD...