Sunday, September 06, 2009

Drive-By Blogging - Sunday Politics

I am deadlining for Tuesday, so please bear with me while I let the traffic of this blog fall into ruin, I drop out of the top 20 blogs in Mississippi, while still maintaining my NUMBER TWO CONSERVATIVE ranking, and watch the comments wither away.

If you watch only one video for the rest of your life, MAKE IT THIS ONE and emulate the woman in it.

Here's a post that shows exactly how feckless and idiotic Democrats have become. They are a cancer on this country and should all be locked up.

And oddly, Democrats have no clue how to pay for universal healthcare. SHOCKER! And at the same time, NHS is deciding which people to allow to die. But, HEY! No death panels, right?

On the economic front, more banks are shut down, an increasing number of jobs are lost, and newspapers cannot figure out why in Hell teenagers are grossly unemployed. One word: DEMOCRATS.

Every scheme that Democrats attempt fails in the worst sort of way, but still we gotta prop up Fannie and Freddie, right?

Here's the economic news roundup. Check it, it is double-plus ungood. But, then again, Democrats are running the country and it ALWAYS happens this way.

The NUMBER TWO Democrat is charge is an absolute simpering idiot. But, we already knew that.

Do you realize that the Democrat ideology is patently contradictory? Anarchists FOR universal government controlled healthcare. What a FUCKING. IDIOT.

Damian G sets out to explain the Palin hatred. I think that he did really well, too. He is TWENTY YEARS OLD, folks and smarter than our damn near fifty year old President.

Social media gadgets to help you spread the conservative message.

Web apps to help you get and stay organized. Remember, Obama is coming for that twenty dollar bill.


And last, but certainly not least, three of my buddies jamming with video cobbled together by none other than yours truly. Enjoy and pass it around!

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Andy said...

Jeepers...the "Come And Take It!" chick is my hero...

Columbus Ohio video...not surprised ONE BIT! I actually hope that USC wins a game next weekend...

Poor "Amanda!" She's definitely not the "light of my life..." Jeez Louise...poor kid. Ugly, and STUPID! That's a double play to end the inning.

Damien follows up with a tater to deep center...over the wall...out of the park! That dog'll hunt, but it ain't comin' back!

And once again Paul...your buddies are good. I mean it. Man, I wish Dean could get hooked up with these guys. He's wicked good on the piano, drums, guitar, and sax.

Man...I wish he could get with these guys. He was at his happiest, and most creative when he was jamming with guys like your buddies. But he's all tied up learning "cryptology" in Texas...

I know that was TMI.

Tell your boys that I think they need to go for it! Good vocals...tight on the instruments...they got my vote!

The video sucks, but I can't blame it on them. ;)

ChristinaJade said...

We wouldn't dare let the comments "wither away." You should know none of us can keep our yaps shut! :)

I've gotten to where I can't even stand to read the economic news. Let's just suffice to say that right now is NOT a good time to be a small business owner.

I heard the news praising the "good news" that labor costs for small businesses were down! YAY! Wait, doesn't that mean that FEWER people are working? Does the media actually think we are THAT stupid?

Speaking of... JOE FREAKING BIDEN!!!