Monday, September 07, 2009

Monday Morning Seriousness

I find myself forever confused at the reactions from the Left on the affiliations of their higher-ups. I think by now pretty much anyone with a semblance of a brain has realized that our new President is an idiot, yet still we are faced daily with our national media talking and writing about how awesome he is. They even falsely report news to make him appear more intelligent to the five or six people that still pay attention to the White House run spin machine. Sorry, we normal people are not buying it. Barry Obama is one seriously stupid imbecile and there is no way to mask that FACT.

Point in case, when Barry got elected he told us that their vetting process for cabinet members and staffers was going to be more rigorous than ever before. Sorry for pointing out the obvious, BUT! JOE. FREAKIN'. BIDEN!!!! (Let's not forget HILLARY CLINTON!!!)

Folks, Barry is a moron AND he is a Democrat, so pretty much everything out of his mouth is a lie and every action he takes would result in jail time for normal citizens.

Anyhoo, the latest kerfuffle is over Barry's choice for "Green Czar," Van Jones. I am not really surprised by Barry picking a militant America-hating racist Communist for anything and I have no clue why anyone else would be shocked. It's like some folks actually think that all of the sudden, Barry is going to NOT BE Barry. Van Jones IS Barry Obama.


The additional fun part is that Democrat media writers are stunned by the objection to Van Jones for anything. Normal people would have immediately realized that Van Jones was a stark raving lunatic the minute that they found out he was a supporter of the movement to FREE COP KILLAH, Mumia Abu-Jamal. The idiotic part of Mumia's supporters' movement is that HIS GUILT in the MURDER of Philly police officer Daniel Faulkner has NEVER been in question. Mumia KILLED Faulkner. His supporters want him out of jail on any kind of technicality they can dream up. He killed someone in cold blood with a bullet to the back of the head. Van Jones wants Mumia out of jail. Van Jones IS Barry Obama.

David Drake answers the Van Jones question.

At the same time that this self-inflicted stupidity is raging in normal circles and being dutifully ignored by the Barrystream Media, Michael Moore releases a new apocalyptic thillah. No! None of Michael Moore's movies has ever attempted to enter the area code of the truth about anything. Remember when I took down Sicko? (Check out the comment section on that post for further takedown of Sicko.)

When I first researched Michael Moore after seeing Roger and Me, I found that nothing that he said about his life was true. He even lied about being raised in Flint, Michigan, which seems supremely stupid.

Anyhoo, Gateway Pundit takes Moore to task for Moore's hatred of capitalism while enjoying the very perks of a system he allegedly hates.

Drake skins and guts Moore.

Stacy McCain takes down Keith Olbermann. Yes, the very same Keith Olbermann that was fired from The Four Letter for being too stupid to put on sports television. The only reason that I can develop with MSNBC employing Olbermann is that their viewers are too stupid to watch anyone with an IQ exceeding 40.

The Obama White House has decided that they can no longer depend on Congress to help in the effort to destroy our economy. So, they shall do it by fiat. How is that Hopium and Changeabah working out for you? How do you think that it shall work for you went all the plants die?

Despite what the White House backed Barrystream Media tells you, unemployment is CLIMBING. In case you are unclear about what that means, it means that MORE and MORE people are losing their jobs, not one single job has been created by Barry and his policies that have NOT been taken away at a rate greater than 1% PER MONTH since The Obamoron Administration took over.

Believe what you will at your own risk. Reagan once said, "Trust, but verify." We have now reached the point of our federal government being run by people that we know better than to trust. Call them on it.

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Paul Mitchell said...

Skunkfeathers, that blog looks like it is going to be fun.

David Drake said...

Obamaholics! That IS a good site/blog.

Thanks for teh linkys, Mister Meany!

David Drake said...

Obamaholics! That IS a good site/blog.

Thanks for teh linkys, Mister Meany!