Monday, October 26, 2009

The APee Poll Should Be Disregarded FOREVAH

While waiting on the Harris Interactive poll yesterday, which is always the last one to be finished, I went back and scoured the numbers from Week Uno. There is absolutely no explanation for the APee rankings from Week Uno or Week Dos. Last week, the APee had Bammeroids at number one and Flarda at number two. This week, the APee has reversed those placements.

What has happened since last weekend? Bammeroids beat a Rocky Top team that has been all up in every game this year, except for the one against Flarda. The very same Flarda team that struggled against We Suck this past weekend.

Please someone put a fork in the APee, it is DONE.

*Click the image to see that last week, the APee was the only pollster that actually had Bammeroids at number one. And the APee is NOT counted in the actual year end rankings, either. Wonder why?*

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Paul Mitchell said...

The more than I love at Rocky Top, the better they actually look. I realize that their record is not good, but the Flarda game is the only one where they weren't really in it.

Geaux Tigers v. Bammeroids is two weeks, dude.

Andy said...

Three weeks. We've got Tulane next week...LA Tech the next...then Saban.

We've really got a chance. We're playing better. Jefferson is growing up. Penalties were down. Now, if we don't get hicjacked in-state... Well, we'll see.

Andy said...

Scratch that! For some reason, I thought the Tech game was before 'Bama. It's before Ole Miss.

Paul Mitchell said...

Yeah, Andy with Tulane and Tech on the schedule, y'all should be quaking in your boots!!

I laughed as I typed that, by the way.

Andy said...

Yeah Paul, but ya' never know. I watched Troy take us to school last season...

The Green Tinkle is obviously not a powerhouse like Troy. And my Tech Bulldogs ain't no stinkin' Georgia...but they're working up to it year by year.

Crap TD, every game we play makes me quake in my crocs!

Paul Mitchell said...

I am quaking in my Crocs right along witcha, Andy.