Sunday, October 25, 2009

Drive-By Blogging - A Few Words on Medical Services

I know how much y'all love these simple linkdumps because y'all hate what I write.

I have tried to keep from posting a huge linkfest of bad news because I am a normally very happy person, but I am becoming increasingly concerned that the Party of the Morons is actually going to get "universal healthcare" passed through Congress and onto the New Moron President's desk. While there exists no one with even a minimal IQ that thinks federal control over our medical system is a good idea, remember the first requirement of being a Democrat is mental retardation.

Just look at this, the leader of the Democrat Party is Barry Obama, the leader of the House of Representatives is Nancy Pelosi, and the leader of the Senate is Harry Reid. If this shit doesn't make you quake in your boots, you have ice running through your veins. Combined, these three folks have a cumulative IQ hovering around 45. You know something is dreadfully wrong when Nancy Pelosi is the smartest person in a crowd of THREE. Seriously, outside of the Democrat Party, Nancy has no chance of being the smartest in a group of TWO, but THREE?!?!?!

To hammer home my point here, watch carefully while Barry Obama tells us the Democrats are "free thinkers." To normal people, "free thinkers" would mean someone that tried to push conventional wisdom to find new and innovative ways to perform tasks, to Democrats this means to not be hamstrung by the limits of FACTS, DATA, MATH, and SCIENCE.

So, shall we point out what astounding successes look like for the Idiot Party? As you shall recall, the Democrats took over Congress in January 2007 while George W. Bush was in his last two years of office. At the time, our economy was hammering on all cylinders, unemployment was at an all time low, wages at an all time high, and The War on Muslims was going swimmingly. Within the first year of Democrats running the show, they passed idiotic legislation to increase minimum wage, destroyed the economy, and made an utter mockery of our military and undermined our efforts in the Middle East.

So we elected still another Democrat to complete the trifecta of lunacy in DC.

Since Doofus McMorontard was installed in the White House, unemployment has exploded, wages have plummeted, the dollar has collapsed and has been abandoned, all sectors of the economy have retracted (except for government distribution of taxpayer dollars to corrupt unions and allowing them to control our media), national security has been abandoned, and government takeovers of businesses has even started, not to mention Obama telling banks where to put their patrons money. DANG!! Here is our federal government in action, people. So, what do we do? Allow the very same folks that have basically destroyed our country to have even greater power. GOOD CALL!!!

Now, I have no clue why anyone would want the government to handle any part of their lives, but some folks do not have good sense. I don't know about you, but government control over my OWN DAMN BODY terrifies me because they cannot even run a friggin' railroad.

Now, with the actual legislation winding its way through MORONVILLE, we find that government takeover will accomplish exactly what it always does, create more poor people and destroy the already poor folks.

Strangely enough, even The New York Times acknowledges that federal control of medical services will reduce quality, quantity, availability, and force more people into the poor column. Not to mention HARM MORE PEOPLE.

Of course, HuffPo wants to ramp up implementation of federal control of medical services, so they turn to Harry Reid to be their savior. Folks, HuffPo is looking to Harry Reid to help them out. Does this not prove that liberals are so stupid as to look down the barrel after a misfire?

And of course, the left has to find someone to screech and whine their message to everyone while a complicit national media does all in its power to promote the lies of the left. Alan Grayson (Dumbass-FL) is the latest of the insaniacs to crawl from the slime in the Democrat Party to promote the Moron Party message. How do you tell that a Democrat is lying? Well, he/she/ambiguous other is a freakin' Democrat!!!

By the way, Congressional pay raises topped the profit made by insurance companies last year. Can someone please tell me why anyone would stay in business for a TWO POINT TWO PERCENT PROFIT?!?!

Yes! There is a free market solution to medical services and there always has been, too.

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Andy said...

"Doofus McMorontard"...Quadruple Nyuk!...I almost lost my alcohol on that one!

Looking to Reid for your "salvation" is like looking to "JoJo, the Dog-Faced-Boy" at the State Fair side show for a "catch & fetch."

TD...that video of BozO' stirring up the mindless about how Republicans "do what they are told" really Frosted my Flakes.

I suppose I should just finally conclude that they are all just as dumb as doornails...and not expect anything more. But I really hate to...I hate to cash in the chips on folks.

So, I'm giving them a few more tries. word verification is "clueends."

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, quit giving people that benefit of the doubt, you gonna git burnt.

Skunkfeathers said...

Barry the Moron and his Piled-High Circus of Libtards...they'll bury us yet with their abysmal marxism. Not that I'm optimistic like Paul...