Saturday, October 24, 2009

College Gameday - Week VIII

Scoreboard moved to November 7th.

As usual, The Four Letter's College Gameday Traveling Moron Squad heads to an area of the country that is unaffected by college footbaw. The douchetards are hanging with theys homies in Provo, Utah today. Seriously, the Louisiana-Monroe v. Kentucky game is more important than the TCU v. BYU game. Please understand that TCU has played NOBODY this year, even uSCCC wants their schedule. BYU has played Oklahoma and obviously, Okie is NOT as good as we thought they were. Okie is kinda 3-3!!!

Oh Hell, let's get this shit started, folks.

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Oh yeah, CROOM!!!


Mrs Greyhawk said...

Thanks Paul Widget looks good.

Skunkfeathers said...

LOL...the Muddling 12 sucks this year. Tejas and Okie State are the only teams of consequence this year (CU sucks buffalo piss). Looks like the SEC will reign in the bowl season, until the prisses at uSCCCC cry and kick their widdow feet enough to get political correctness from the BsCS.

Texas Shooter said...

Errr, Go Vols?

A loss is really a win!


Mrs Greyhawk said...

Thanks Paul Widget looks good.